Yes on 2

For those in Florida tomorrow is voting… Please Vote “Yes” on 2 (the marijuana amendment). Yes, the way it is written is flawed and there will be loop holes to abuse it. But for those who need it, truly need it (Riley), it needs to happen. Keep in mind too, I tend to be anti-drug… My Dad got lost in drugs and ultimately (depending on how you view it) either it killed him or the shotgun in hand (that he used) killed him. So, I know the potential for abuse. Have heard the opposition over the past few weeks. But if people really want it, they will get it. I prefer Riley gets it legally and in the form that will help him most.

Please – Vote YES ON PROP 2!  Grant our many many special needs children a much higher quality of life with the option for Medical Marijuana.

Please vote YES on 2!

And to answer the question…. what was Riley for Halloween?

TIE Fighter!

Halloween 2014 364

More on Riley’s Halloween tomorrow.  The time goes so fast!



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  1. Stacie says:

    Unfortunately Amendment 2 did not pass in yesterday’s election. The vote came in at 58% for the Amendment and 42% against. Amendments require a full 60% of voters to say yes in order to be put into effect. Please see United For Care to learn more on the issue:

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