X-Wing Wheelchair Costume

Feeling Star Wars for Halloween?

Last year I decked Riley’s chair out as an X-Wing Starfighter.  This wheelchair costume doesn’t need great skill, just a little imagination and patience. Thought I would share how Riley’s X-Wing came together.


  • Installation Board
  • Irrigation Pipe, 4 inch
  • PVC Pipe, wide
  • Hack Saw
  • Duct Tape, Red & White
  • Velcro, industrial
  • Rope
  • Spray Paint, White, Gray & Black
  • Pool Noodles
  • Cardboard
  • Wooden Skewers
  • Measuring Tape
  • Masking tape
  • white poster board
  • Pencil
  • String Lights, battery powered
  • Zip Ties
  • scissors
  • hammer
  1. Plan the wing span and front section measurements to fit the wheelchair. Draw out the four identacle wings with two rectangle sections to anchor each side together. Next draw out top & two sides of the front end onto the Installation Board.  Saw each part out (using a sharp knife). Paint each piece with white spray paint then add depth with the gray spray paint. Put aside to dry.



2. Cut 4 sections of Irrigation Pipe to length of the wing width at base. Paint to match the wings and allow to dry.



3. Cut out 8 cardboard circles to the same circumference as the Irrigation Tubing. Paint 4 circles black and paint the remaining 4 white. Allow to dry.

4. Once the circles and tubing is dry enough to work with, tape the black circles to cover one end of each tube. Set aside.


5. Prepare skewers. These will be used to reinforce the strength of the assembled wings and front section.


6. Duct tape together the one rectangular anchor section with two wings at an angle using the white tape.  Reinforce the wings by hammering in wooden skewers. Repeat the process by assembling the front section.  Cover all rough edges with white duct tape.



7. The “tricky” part was attaching it to the chair… for this we cut about 15 inches of PVC pipe on the inside of each wing and attached it using Velcro (industrial) and rope.  The 3 inch pipes fit perfectly over is hand rests. Test each portion to see if it will stand up to the demands of hanging onto the chair. Reinforce as necessary. You will see above I used anything on hand to support the sections, in this event a Croquet mallet balanced against the foot rest sufficed to support the length of the front of the costume.


8. Add blasters to the end of each wing. We decorated ours with an assembly of pool noodles, PVC Pipe and white cardboard circles.

9. Attach each of the four Irrigation tubes to each wing. Create a finished look by adding poster board between the wing and tube. make sure to add extra paint so that all matches together.


10. Finish with details by adding red duct tape details to the assembled costume.



11. No plane is complete until String lights are added to the edges.



12. The biggest challenge may be keeping this unwieldy creation in storage for future use.  You’re on your own to figure that part out.



  • If you plan on transporting the costume, do not make the wings too long to fit in your vehicle alongside the wheelchair.
  • Keep the profile low as it is easy for your child to be swallowed up by the costume.
  • Each wheelchair is different, you will need to plan creatively to take advantage of the area available to handle the costume weight.


I would love to see how your own X-Wing turns out.  Make sure to share should you follow these instructions.  Your own experiences making this wheelchair costume a success are welcome.

Happy Halloween!



The Shark Tooth Guy


2 Responses to X-Wing Wheelchair Costume

  1. Stacie says:

    Celia, We were fortunate to miss the effects of Hurricane Matthew. Thank you for thinking of us:-) Glad you liked the X-Wing, unfortunately we couldn’t store it for reuse. John will just have to keep making new ones, lol.

  2. WOW!! this is amazing …very creative and an amazing way to include Riley …

    been thinking of you all as we hear about Hurricane Matthew going through Florida …

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