Word of the Week: Dichotomy

Word of the Week: Dichotomy.

A division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.

I always loved this word. I was the only one who got it right on a quiz once. But I guess I have come to question/hate/understand it a great deal lately… I guess this is one for the blog…

The big news this week did not involve Riley. Rather, it involved our other son, Ronan.   We received word that he not only got the highest grade on his FCATs, but he received a perfect score in Math. In fact he will soon receive an honor from the Governor of Florida. By societal standards, Ronan is excelling in School, Tae Kwon Do, Compassion for others, sense of humor in light of things. Just being amazing. He is at the end of a spectrum all its own.

From: “Miss K”
To: rrflorida
Sent: Friday, May 23, 2014 10:20:11 AM
Subject: FCAT scores

Good morning! 

I just wanted to let you know that FCAT scores are in!  I have some amazing news to share with you!  Ronan scored a 5 in both but it gets better then that…..He scored a perfect on his Math!!!!  Spread the news!  I couldn’t be anymore excited for him!!! 

Miss K

3rd Grade Teacher

That was one bit of news…

I guess I lied when I said there was no news of Riley. In the past week we found out that our request (calls, letters, pleas) paid off: Riley will be allowed to stay at his current School next year (the most AMAZING school ever). But the reasons he might NOT have been allowed to stay: Age. But I was told that there was concern over his needs and their ability to handle them. I have no disillusion: By societal standards Riley is the lowest of any class he has been in and probably will be (communication, visually, cognition, mobility). Riley’s reward this past week was being allowed to stay in a program that can take care of him and do so in a way that is far superior than any we have seen and to be honest, given sleepless nights, sometimes, more than we could do. It is a comfort to know that there are teachers and aides who invest in Riley’s success and well-being.

So, given these two bits of news: The definition of dichotomy draws to mind. DSCN6360

Why two children born of this family would be so different: One to speak eloquently/the other to grunt? One to master Tae Kwon Do/the other struggles to even scratch an itch? One to be so independent at such a young age/the other to need someone no matter what the age? A true Dichotomy.

Was it Fate? Just a bad luck for something we did in a past life (not saying Reincarnation but something).

Was it God? They say that God only gives you what you can handle. Maybe God realized in this case Riley at times was more than we could handle (our sleep, lives, marriage, finances) and gave us Ronan on the other end of the spectrum as a “here you go… sorry about the first one.” (not that Riley was a mistake, just a lot at times).

Was it us? I don’t know how. Don’t really drink, smoke, no drugs. Complete boring-collar (hate blue/white) around the time Riley was born. Ok, my college years and place of employment another story! But still.

This post is more about just like … wow… nothing really else. How can two brothers be so different? Yes, Cain and Able. OR I guess if you are a fan of Supernatural like I am, not to spoil it, but Dean a Demon? Really! Just saying.

But as I write this and think about it, I guess it is not about the boys. It is about Us and those who will listen/read this (the world). ….

A dichotomy is defined by represented by things that are different. But the word that struck me was “represented”… they are represented…

DSCN3311Our sons INSPIRE. Each in their own way. RONAN is turning into a natural leader in his Tae Kwon Do and slowly in his school. His FCAT show that. His physical abilities (splits and the endurance contests he is winning). His compassion and helping others (not just Riley). RILEY inspires us and so many others.


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  1. rita says:

    God. God leads me to this page as the post opens your lives in the most touching, intimate fashion. Questions are answered that I pray on silently but never ask. “Thank you God for everything.”

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