Why Doesn’t Riley Pray?

Concluding his sweet little ritual with Grace before our meal, Ronan asked “Why Doesn’t Riley Pray?”

John and I were caught off guard by this seemingly fair inquiry.  Riley’s little maroon spoon paused midair heaped with mashed food while he waited expectantly with open mouth.  We looked at each other and saw amusement with a touch of loss in each other’s eyes.  Ronan fully understands that his brother is nonverbal, yet he is a member of our family.  Why would one child have an expectation to reach out to God, but not the other?

Preparing for First Reconciliation and then First Communion, Ronan has been establishing his religious foundation.   As his parents, we have focused on developing his faith and searching for a relationship with God.  Yet, it was clear to Ronan that his brother had been left out of the practice.

What parent would do this?  For the past ten years, my prayers have focused on Riley.  I did not give Riley the opportunity to participate.  Or did I?  Perhaps our shared moments  are a prayer in themselves.   Or, did I forget that Riley should also have the opportunity to address God directly.  Am I a parent or simply a caregiver; clearly, I am a Parent.  I am doing my best to develop each of my children to their full potential.  I hope that God will forgive my lapses and understand my efforts.

God bless Ronan.  God bless Riley.  Please Dear God help me to be everything my children need me to be.

Riley grasps tightly to Dad's hand aboard The Double Sunshine, Naples, FL May 18, 2013

Riley grasps tightly to Dad’s hand aboard The Double Sunshine, Naples, FL May 18, 2013

3 Responses to Why Doesn’t Riley Pray?

  1. Candice says:

    Dearest Stacie….

    Oh my heart goes out to you. It’s easy to simply “forget” some things with children. I recently was reminded by another blogger to build my daughters prayer life. Which is hard cause she is 4 and non verbal. How we do it is we have a short prayer at meals and one for bedtime. The one before bedtime we always pray that God will heal her body. Don’t beat yourself up and remember to ask God on how to direct you in teaching Riley about prayer.

  2. Dearest Stacie …

    Ronan’s question was an interesting one and I always admire the way young ones think. After all they speak from the heart ~ without any malice.

    You are a great Mother! Never forget that. (you are both amazing parents).

    I am certain that Riley with the help of his Angels has been keeping up with his prayers, since the day he was born. Actually Riley is possibly more connected to God and the heavens than most of who pray each day.

    Perhaps Ronan and Riley can say there prayers together.

    Congratulations to Ronan on his First Communion ~ it is certainly a wonderfully blessed time in your home. Many hugs and blessings across the miles, C. (HHL)

    • Bonita Mom says:

      You are right, Riley well may have a connection to God beyond any of us and I have suspected this on many occasion.

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