Thrill the World

Zombies are invading Naples and they’re going to dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller!
The location will be in Naples. Venue to be announced. Anyone wanting to dance is welcome. You don’t have to be a “dancer”, no experience is necessary. You must dress like a zombie (your version ), learn the dance and sign the waiver. Rehearsals will be announced soon. If you have a clubhouse or know of a place to practice, let us know or get a group together and learn the dance. The date for the dance is October 28, 7pm Greenwich mean time. There will be a small donation collected to dance with the monies going to dance scholarships and arts programs.
We need videographers, sound people, check in people for those that don’t to dance. 🙂 All are welcome! The more zombies the better. 🙂 Spread the word.

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