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The story of the Titanic survivors has been prominent in the news lately due to the observance of the 100th anniversary of the April 14th, 1920 disaster.   Some survivors talk about the event.  Some survivors  never talked about that night, up until their passing many years later.  I am struck by how survivor stories are told (or not).  More so, it has made me think about blogging…

I contribute to this blog not for the matter of being heard.  I know not who, if any, read these words.  I write for those who cannot write or be heard.

Blogs exists so people may write about their life, their experience, their moments.  Each day surviving, sometimes easy, sometimes not.   All good reasons to share.  Every person, from the person who survived the Titanic to those who blog about sewing a costume for their child have something to post in the abyss we call the Internet.   There are many blogs, many posts, many people.

The Polaroid was taken by a nurse at Santa Monica Hospital/UCLA NICU.  For all anyone knew at that moment… this could have been the only picture to remember our precious child.

I contribute and write for those who cannot be heard.  I am posting tonight based on the 100+ year anniversary of the Titanic.  Still, while I have no answers; I know not who reads these words; I am posting tonight with a question:

If I continue to share, what would the reader like to see in my blog?

Everyone has a story.  Everyone has a journey.  If my blogging, posts, words, or obnoxious sense of humor can help you on your journey, let me know the topics you want covered as it relates to those who cannot speak for themselves.  After 10 yrs of “special needs”we have covered the gamete with siblings, sex, life, money , marriage *(at times a minimal amount of marriage),  faith and I guess just life.  The stories that can be shared.

My blog post today is to open up to the survivors (ongoing and past) who have dealt with Special Needs.

Give me a topic.  Let’s build this blog together.


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  1. Barbara TherExtras says:

    Just keep it up!

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