The Family Cafe Wraps Up.

Riley, my mom and I returned home from The Family Cafe at the Hilton in Orlando with lots to think about.  Or cry about in Riley’s case; he did not enjoy the car one little bit.  Our own camera went camping with the cub scouts.

Follow this twitter link for images from Florida’s exceptional conference on disabilities, The Family Cafe:!/TheFamilyCafe/media/grid.  While you’re at it, follow @TheFamilyCafe to join up next time around.

2 Responses to The Family Cafe Wraps Up.

  1. Bonita Mom says:

    Riley got over the ride fortunately. Got good news – he might (hopefully) not have to travel so uncomfortably in the future. We’re working on it.

  2. Carolyn says:

    I’m sorry to hear that Riley didn’t like the car ride home! It was really great to meet all three of you. I like that your blog title sort of resembles mine! Great minds, eh? lol

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