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Goodbye, Sleepy Beach Town

7/14/16 Seems rather a sad way to spend my birthday, seeing my city in jeopardy. The life we have here with Riley is at risk. Learning just yesterday from a friend that a road would possibly be coming down my own backyard, I attended a City Council Workshop, City of Bonita Springs, Florida Thursday July 14, 2016.

Wild Side

Coincidentally timed with my intention on remembering life and marriage before children.   A new cooking show debuted this past week: “Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen”  episode Walk on the Wild Side.   The kitchen happened to be catering a fundraising event for the rescue and rehabilitation organization.  The show brought images of the Wildlife Waystation flooding back to John and myself.  I have not had the privilege of being on the ranch in over eight years.
Every Saturday, John and I made the journey from our Playa del Rey condo to the Wildlife Waystation in the Angeles National Forest.  I thrived our volunteer experience there…. it was often hot brutal work (especially for John), and every moment was precious.  As I sit here I can see one of my favorite pictures of a napping Idaho lion from one special afternoon John and I spent adding landscaping to his section.   Very few have the opportunity to experience this amazing volunteerism and I was fortunate enough to share it with my life partner.
The Wildlife Waystation blessed our lives and I miss it every day.

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