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It’s a little Stormy

We did it!

We debated for years.

By What Measure?

School is back in session.  Lee County starts early.

The summer was long for the boys and I.  Riley was with me throughout the summer months except for the few hours set  aside for the Extended School Year in June.  Camp is no longer an option. 

Why Doesn’t Riley Pray?

Concluding his sweet little ritual with Grace before our meal, Ronan asked “Why Doesn’t Riley Pray?”

St. Leo First Communion

May 19, 2013

Ronan has been studying with St. Leo Catholic Church for two years toward receiving the Holy Eucharist.  He has had a wonderful experience with all of his teachers, classmates and the church ministry.  I thank each one of them for the gift of creating a positive and supportive religious education.

This past Sunday, we celebrated this Rite of the Roman Catholic Church and Ronan’s commitment to our faith.

Good Friday

My little First Communion Trainee had a requirement to fulfill: attend all Holy Week masses.  My requirement to fulfill:  maintain calm, attending services with both of my children should not induce anxiety. 

Snow Respite

Last fall, my sister Michelle started calling with a plan…. a plan to visit her family in New Hampshire.  What was she thinking? 

Crazy Woman and the Handicap Parking Abusers

Yesterday, Crazy Woman showed up again.

I started out calm with the realization that our outing would be a little challenging.  Yesterday was Ronan’s required family mass and First Communion class over at St. Leo’s Catholic Church.  Taking Riley to mass has now become a rare event due to the difficulties I encounter.  I am also not so sure that there is really any valid reason I should make Riley sit through this uncomfortable hour unless the music is going to be superb.  He does enjoy his music.

Is it Crystal?

The balance between  a total care child, Riley, and a typically developing child, Ronan, can be difficult to find.  Riley took everything; but as parents we did not want Ronan to be cheated of having his needs fulfilled.  Fortunately, Ronan proved to be an easy child from the beginning.

Recognizing that our second child would be deprived of some experiences in deference to our special needs child we dedicated ourselves to Ronan’s success.  I employed every trick I could find to helping my son grow healthy and bright.  Raise a Smarter Child by

School’s Out for Summer!

This past week has been full of the celebrations for both schools.  The two school experiences are like two sides of the same coin for me.  Two sons, two schools, two classrooms, two teachers… how different could the two possibly be?

Each event causes me to ponder our odd life.  It appears that perhaps I have not one, but two special needs kids.  Last summer, the leader of Ronan’s little Bible Camp group suggested this to me.  Riley struggles simply to take in his world and to be a part of it.  He truly tries, and he tries harder all the time to communicate and participate; he strains simply to touch, see and hear.  Ronan, on the other side, takes it all in so effortlessly. 

Naples Equestrian Challenge Summer Camp


This camp teaches typically developing children to work and learn along-side special needs.  This is my sons’ favorite week of the summer.

NEC Summer Camp Consists of Riding, Horse Care, Groom, Tacking and Daily Arts and Craft Activity

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