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My Little Ogre

My youngest child, Ronan, spent the summer rehearsing to play the part of Little Ogre in Shrek The Musical Jr. with Youth Theater Program of The Art Center of Bonita Springs

Post Op

Recovery from Bilateral Hip Adductor and Iliopsoas Releases with Brace Application challenged our entire family. We were all patient and prepared but had been optimistic that Riley’s recovery period would be short given our dedication to his well-being.

Buck Brother’s: The Movie


Bell Rung

Sharing our journey here is meant to be more than a place to vent. My intention is to open a window for those on the outside of this complicated life to gain some understanding while sharing circumstances which may help those facing similar decisions and situations. Therefore, I do plan on talking about Riley’s surgery. But for the moment, I may be a little on overload. We all know the expression “When it rains, it pours.”

This is where we are today.

Loggerhead Tracks

Happy 4th of July!

Our family has been earning our own Independence, one day at a time.


Ronan and I ventured out with friends to an evening of Improv at Center for the Arts of Bonita Springs

Word of the Week: Dichotomy

Word of the Week: Dichotomy.

A division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.

I always loved this word. I was the only one who got it right on a quiz once. But I guess I have come to question/hate/understand it a great deal lately… I guess this is one for the blog…

Elf Exposed

“Mom, Did you and Dad buy the Elf?!”


Ronan has been really working on Tae Kwon Do… He is amazing… Tonight definitely confirmed his hard work… It was testing night:

Family Fun

Family activity is a priority.  It sounds so simple: one little family having experiences together. We are after all, just a family of four.

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