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Our Wheels

Our wheels, our car, our transportation… should not define us.  They should not and do not, yet that great big piece of equipment over time becomes a huge part of our lives gets into our psyche and is often our outer shell society sees.  (The mustang was photographed by fellow Brooks student John Purcell in the hills above Santa Barbara, CA.)

Riley enjoying a walk along the Corkscrew Swamp boardwalk.


The word means different things to different people.  For some, they break up with a lover they thought was “the one.”  A friend of ours considers it not being married by 45.  Not owning the latest designer brands for that year.  The death of a pet fish (to a 7yr old) (while you feed him “mystery meat” (aka fish sticks”) that night his fish died).   To some, the events that can bring about devastation mean something tragic.  To those who didn’t like their lover, need material things, want to be married or never cared about how a fish lived….  These can mean different things.  To those with disable children/loved ones it means something else.  This week, my husband faced his own (another) devastation….

The MINI-VAN.  Through the amazing efforts of people we did not know (or didn’t know well), we received a 1997 Ford Windstar WITH a FULLY AUTOMATIC WHEELCHAIR lift.  Basically we are going from lifting Riley out of the chair into his car seat, which he would cry as soon as he was in (too small, too vertical, too much… for us all) to a van that our youngest can operate the lift (really cool… like a “Lunar Landing every time” he puts the lift down) and Riley just wheels into the van and is in (comfortable)!!!

The first time he was in it, I could see  his expression… going outside he thinks (“warm FL air hits my face”), am rolling (“guess I am going for a Rollerblade with Dad?”), wait something is going on (“I am in my wheelchair and moving and Dad is not around?!  How did we get to Naples Equestrian Challenge and I never left my wheelchair.  Holy Crap!!!! I can fly!!!).  Total confusion by Riley.  How can this be so easy? (for him and us).

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