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Functional Skills Classroom Components

Time for this mom to begin doing serious planning on research concerning IEP’s and the school environment.  Riley’s school career had a rough start, however his elementary school experience has been a very healthy and positive experience.

Rayma school pic

Rayma school pic

This school year Riley has moved on to a Middle School.  The new classroom situation is best described as underwhelming.  This is not a situation I find I want to continue to send my child into each day. To make changes, it is time for me to fully understand what his needs are and what should be expected of his school.

ER Tour

Riley’s school reading across my phone during the school day would normally put me on guard immediately. However, Riley’s bus could not even have reached the school yet.

“Hello, I am the Vice Principal of Riley’s School….”she started. “We have been trying to reach you.” You have?

Preserving the First Day of School

We are on the countdown for the first day of school. 

Shall He Walk?

There are many questions for myself today. But, I have very few answers.

Keep the Beautiful in Bonita

Last Saturday the boys and I met up with Ronan’s Honor Society, BHS, in old Bonita to participate in the Keep The Beautiful in Bonita Springs.  I was determined to take Riley along

Bell Rung

Sharing our journey here is meant to be more than a place to vent. My intention is to open a window for those on the outside of this complicated life to gain some understanding while sharing circumstances which may help those facing similar decisions and situations. Therefore, I do plan on talking about Riley’s surgery. But for the moment, I may be a little on overload. We all know the expression “When it rains, it pours.”

This is where we are today.

Breathing Just Fine

She started out the day all confidence with a great big smile that drew Riley and I toward the school bus. As she struggled to lower the wheelchair lift, Riley’s bus attendant introduced herself to Riley ignoring the fact that he was not yet noticing her. I knew he would eventually warm to her as he figured out that he would be going to ESY (Extended School Year). The bus driver appeared in the open doorway to greet Riley and secure him safely on bus 27125.

Word of the Week: Dichotomy

Word of the Week: Dichotomy.

A division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.

I always loved this word. I was the only one who got it right on a quiz once. But I guess I have come to question/hate/understand it a great deal lately… I guess this is one for the blog…

Field Day, Special Olympics Florida 2014

So many activities and organizations designed for special needs children sound out of reach for Riley’s abilities.  That has always included Special Olympics.  Over the past several years however,

2014 Lee County Teacher of the Year

…is Riley’s Rayma C. Page Elementary Music Teacher.

I am certain that Riley agrees with this award.

Congratulations Jason Thomashefsky!




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