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Holy Thursday

Today we mourn, tomorrow we Rejoice. Happy Easter!

My boys were invited by Fr. Bob to the Holy Thursday Washing of the Feet, St. John the Evangelist. April 13, 2017

mother and child

Dear Mom

We did not know each other

Early this morning I followed through on a shared post

I felt you in my heart since the first moment I learned of you

This news report was brief, unemotional

Yet I recognized you and your child

I know you intimately

8th Kup & Our Papal Visit

8th Kup – Yellow Belt Testing, Eagle Martial Arts

September 24, 2015


This week we have opportunity to witness change in one of our most solid institutions; Pope Francis is currently touring the America’s. Visiting Cuba he asked all to “serve people, not ideas,”

Why Doesn’t Riley Pray?

Concluding his sweet little ritual with Grace before our meal, Ronan asked “Why Doesn’t Riley Pray?”

St. Leo First Communion

May 19, 2013

Ronan has been studying with St. Leo Catholic Church for two years toward receiving the Holy Eucharist.  He has had a wonderful experience with all of his teachers, classmates and the church ministry.  I thank each one of them for the gift of creating a positive and supportive religious education.

This past Sunday, we celebrated this Rite of the Roman Catholic Church and Ronan’s commitment to our faith.


They say life is all about balance.  Today, I realized how much body and mind need that balance…. 

Good Friday

My little First Communion Trainee had a requirement to fulfill: attend all Holy Week masses.  My requirement to fulfill:  maintain calm, attending services with both of my children should not induce anxiety. 

Crazy Woman and the Handicap Parking Abusers

Yesterday, Crazy Woman showed up again.

I started out calm with the realization that our outing would be a little challenging.  Yesterday was Ronan’s required family mass and First Communion class over at St. Leo’s Catholic Church.  Taking Riley to mass has now become a rare event due to the difficulties I encounter.  I am also not so sure that there is really any valid reason I should make Riley sit through this uncomfortable hour unless the music is going to be superb.  He does enjoy his music.

Little battles

Riley and Ronan are seen here hanging out with Miss Southwest Florida 2012, Miss Caroline Kay Dixon, at Freedom Waters Foundation’sHeels & Reels last month.  Miss Dixon was very kind and sweet with my boys and was happy to don her crown again after a very full event for a photo.

One little battle after another.  This special needs life still feels like a war to me.  A never ending taking up of arms one moment and protecting my child the next.  This week they are just tiny little battles but I have become weary of heading out each day.

Riley Turns 10!

It seems appropriate to celebrate Riley’s Tenth Birthday under Hurricane Isaac skies.  He had a wonderful time swimming  yesterday, all of Florida closed down for hurricane watch.  Here is the first photo of Riley.  It was taken by a UCLA Santa Monica NICU nurse nearly 24 hours after his traumatic birth.  The Poloroid commemorates the 3:30 am receiving of the Baptismal and Annointing of the Sick Sacraments (formerly known as Last Rites).  It has been quite a ten year journey and I still cannot imagine where it goes from here. 

We sent him off to school with celebratory birthday foods.  These aren’t the typical cupcakes found in the classroom but already prepared and mushed fruit and pie fillings that Riley and his classmates can handle.  Yum!

Happy Birthday Riley!

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