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Love life and be gentle: 31 for 21 Ten Commandments for Helping Parents w…

Love life and be gentle: 31 for 21 Ten Commandments for Helping Parents w…: Have you ever wondered what parents of a child with special needs wants to here about their child from friends, family members, and strang…

October 2011 Recommendations

Just realized that I am even behind in my monthly recommendations.  It appears to be November and here I am sharing the best of October recommendations.

I’ve been in scramble mode just getting through the day.  There has been plenty of decorating driven by Ronan.  They designed a very cool jack-o-lantern that began to mold in a minute despite our prevention efforts.

I attended Candy’s Meditation at Debby’shome last Thursday.

Also, as a family we had a wonderful time at friends for a weekend  Halloween party.

Riley came home wearing a sticker, “Say NO to Drugs!”  The very next morning I said yes to drugs with Diastat to stop a seizure.

 Please explore my recommendations, in no particular order so just see what catches your attention.  These wonderful writers offer insight and inspiration.  I invite you to return here with your own insights and comments.  I thank you for stepping along a little on our journey!  Stacie

Capturing Special Children

Books & Resources
Our Life

Corkscrew Boundless Playground
Best Buddies
Teaching Kids with Special Needs to Cope with Bullying
Special Needs Financial Guide 
Register to Vote – Florida Div. of Elections
Florida Unites is launching an aggressive campaign to get people who are interested in disability issues to vote.


I’m Not Your Enemy
Homework Solutions

Willowbrook: How the government abused children with special needs | Friendship Circle — Special Needs Blog

Willowbrook: How the government abused children with special needs | Friendship Circle — Special Needs Blog

Halloween Costumes?

So much excitement around here.  Halloween approaches.  We do our best to have Riley participate in all the fun.  Below are links for Special Needs costume ideas.  Hope you find something helpful.  Feel free to share your own ideas or costume links in the comment section.  Stacie

Halloween Costume Guide for Special Needs:  “I wanted to share some Halloween costume ideas for kids with sensory and mobility issues. Includes costumes that can be worn with sweat shirts and sweat pants, cut out costumes, costumes requiring no masks or make up and costumes incorporating wheelchairs. Also includes links for learning how to trick or treat”
Autism and Halloween 
Making Halloween Fun for Special Needs
Make Halloween Enjoyable


A Special Cafe


September 2011 Recommendations

Here are some of the inspired posts I discovered this past month.
I hope you find them each as inspirational as I.  Truly, I appreciate your stopping by my little blog.

This week, Riley learns all about Combat Arms online video game from Daddy.

Who I Am

Life with a Severely Disabled Child

Push and Pull (Identity)

And Even Dandelions Belong 

What I Would Tell You 

The Land of Not OK

Unlock the Secret Voice: Manifest Abilities  

Illusion of Confidence– blog by a college student on the spectrum


GoalBook App Review

IEP vs. 504 Plan 

Special Education Blogs 

Functional Outcomes 

Time for Action

Do-N-Slide To Do Lists for Special Needs 


Support?Oh goodness
Relating & Society

Some People… 

People Who Hurt People

This is Our Life

Get Siblings Involved with play and therapy

The Coffee Was Cold


Chronic Sorrow and On Chronic Sorrow 

Life with Mr. Rogers 

Suicide Prevention 

Special Needs Podcasts 

Living with a heart that Hurts…

Wit and Wisdom: book  

A Dark Cloud on What Should Have Been A Bright Moment 


Shoot Me Now (Singing Health Insurance Idiocy Blues)


Lives Worth Living, PBS Premiere

World Wide Day of Play

Local Listings for Lives Worth Living 

Free CCS Classes to Children with Special Needs

Come Children, Sing! continues to provide free CCS classes for children with special needs. Advanced CCS classes are also provided for these children for no charge, providing as much as four years of music instruction. Tell parents of children with special needs and their support organizations to contact us about free online classes. Contact Us

Parenting Special Needs Magazine

NEW COLUMN Featuring YOU: We are looking for Moms or Dads that would like to volunteer to share about a day in their life with their special needs child. If interested in sharing please send us a message or email to Submit@parentingspecialneeds.org. Please include your name contact information, child’s age and disability. We will get back to with details.


End the R- Word

14 Weeks to a Healthier You

  • Description: A free, personalized, web-based physical activity and nutrition program
  • Target Audience: People with mobility limitations, chronic health conditions and physical disabilities
  • Goal: To help you get moving and making healthy nutrition choices
  • Duration: 14 weeks


Still Calling the Hospital Home

Therapy: Anat Baniel Method

You ARE the Professional  

Being Heard By a System That Doesn’t Want to Listen

Here is one of the more stressful situations we put our children into: Getting Through the Blood Draw

Random Ideas




Children and Families in a Post 9/11 World

Flight Platform Living: Alex is Transferred!

Flight Platform Living: Alex is Transferred!: Alex has been transferred! This horrendous reality is all I can think about this weekend! The beautiful Joanna over at ‘Asking With Faith’ …

New potentials: Rethinking disability through my sister’s eyes

New potentials: Rethinking disability through my sister’s eyes

Living with Logan: Jackson’s Smile

Living with Logan: Jackson’s Smile: There’s something about a child’s smile. The look of wonder and delight all over their face that makes you smile in return, and feel better …


The Canine Heroes of 9/11

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