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What does it take to be a Special Needs Dad

What does it take to be a Special Needs Dad?

1.)    Have fun: Being a dad can be fun. Honestly, I never wanted kids but couldn’t imagine my life without them. It is fun. If you let it be:

lesson’s from Riley

Things I do for my son that I wish I would learn… (and what he teaches me)

Elf Exposed

“Mom, Did you and Dad buy the Elf?!”

Blue Belt

As Friday December 13th approached, Tae Kwon Do Testing loomed huge in my mind.9th bday & blue belt 12-13-13 452

How is it possible to support both of my very different children at any one time?

survey on parents in need of support

To whom it may concern,

I am currently investigating the impact that various children’s diagnosed conditions have on parents.

Eleventh Birthday

Have you ever seen a baby being born?  It is something.  I think the word “something” defines it best of all…

Cards and balloons and flowers and all that come with the birth shows something.   Celebrating the event that brings new life; it is what a birth is about as we, the outside world, think of it. But it doesn’t really reflect what the birth is about….

Riding the Storm

Oh how I wish I could warn you mama…It’s coming, I can feel it, but I can’t control it; I try but it’s inevitable. I am about to enter into another “storm”.

Why Doesn’t Riley Pray?

Concluding his sweet little ritual with Grace before our meal, Ronan asked “Why Doesn’t Riley Pray?”

“We’re Not BROKEN Just BENT”

Another New Year!

Eleven New Year’s have come since Riley’s traumatic birth.

Our milestones have been small: a calm night, a meal held down, a handhold, an echo’d sound, a managed toy, a smile…

This New Year the milestones must be for Riley’s parents to live life to the fullest.  To remember to live for ourselves and not Riley alone.  To accept our trauma and to move on from those events.

Yes, I have felt broken!  I no longer want to be broken; perhaps we are just “bent.  There is life beyond our trauma’s for myself, my husband, my healthy child and even for Riley.  We can LEARN TO LOVE AGAIN.


My Pink reminder:

Reflections on Life’s Challenges – Kaet’s year in review

Our children go through this life facing things we would never have been able to imagine, yet they continue to grow and thrive defeating all odds. The longer they stay with us the more they teach us and allow us to grow with them. They are an inspiration even to the professionals that treat them.

As this year comes to a close I take this this moment to reflect on our experiences; some good, some bad; nonetheless all lessons in life.

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