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14th Birthday

Sunday, Riley turned 14. One photo for each of the years. Rough start, but through the Journey you have taught me (us) so much about being a parent and who we are. Here is to continued Joy in 2016 and more embarrassing photos. We Love You Riley!

2002… Months in hospital… all behind him/us.


Immokalee Road Tragedy Close to Home

We all heard the news Wednesday morning reporting the accidental death of a teen but made no connection. Unfortunately, there is a very real connection. Nicholas is a special needs rider with Naples Equestrian Challenge as is my own child. I have been watching and identifying with Theresa’s trials for years. Now I can only imagine her grief and how her future has changed. Please take a moment to say a prayer for Nicholas and family. Should you wish to help please send donations to the address below.

Boy with Special Needs Killed in Collier County

mother and child

Dear Mom

We did not know each other

Early this morning I followed through on a shared post

I felt you in my heart since the first moment I learned of you

This news report was brief, unemotional

Yet I recognized you and your child

I know you intimately


John and Ronan have been preparing this past year to enter martial arts tournaments with their Tae Kwon Do Sparring mates.  The first tournament finally presented itself this past weekend as IMAF at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

Enter the Teenager

I have kids (Wow.. who would have guessed 20 years ago!)… But now the next milestone… I have a Teenager! Riley turned 13 this past weekend. Reflecting back lots of memories and adventures and Crazy Times (CT)…. need the CT’s otherwise we would all go insane (ok, moreso).

Shall He Walk?

There are many questions for myself today. But, I have very few answers.

The Truth about Yes” & “No”

A few weeks ago our little family ventured beyond the boundary of SWFL.  I know: it’s hard to believe.  We are trying to become more active as Riley becomes healthier and we have more energy and time to explore.  Our adventure took us to the Tampa Bay Aquarium where we met up with Miss Jessica, Riley’s 2013-14 ESE teacher, and met her beautiful one year old son for the first time.
Seeing her reminded me how one determined teacher with a mission can make a difference in the life of a child and their family.  This is especially true for children with learning disabilities.  Miss Jessica taught Riley to signal “yes” and “no!” Riley could communicate!

Top Ten Self-Disclosures

My wife was playing with a post for tonight… Bit too technical for me (medical terms and all). I work in Information Technology so that is saying a lot… But I read one thing she wrote and decided to run with it… (LOL … keep on Running until the Devil knows you are gone… Country fans will get it…)…

She wrote:

In planning, our doctor notes that “complex Neurologic issues can cause unexpected results.”

That is the PERFECT note: To the point as it describes our life and the lives of many who read this post.

Ultimate Decision

Some years ago Riley had a medical procedure done that I found barbaric. Basically it has something to do with his shunt… I called it the lightening rod procedure. Put a metal monitor (bolt) in his skull/brain (exposed) and hold him still for 48 hours, intended to be 24, so they can read what is going on. Given Riley’s expressive nature. Holding still was a task. But I did it (actually he did it… I was just along for the ride) and I never imagined anything worse…. Until recently…

Raising a special needs child

This essay is in response to a request by CNNiReport about what it’s like to raise children with special needs:

We were going to be parents! In 2002, my amazing husband, John, and I were expecting a baby boy.

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