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Top Ten Self-Disclosures

My wife was playing with a post for tonight… Bit too technical for me (medical terms and all). I work in Information Technology so that is saying a lot… But I read one thing she wrote and decided to run with it… (LOL … keep on Running until the Devil knows you are gone… Country fans will get it…)…

She wrote:

In planning, our doctor notes that “complex Neurologic issues can cause unexpected results.”

That is the PERFECT note: To the point as it describes our life and the lives of many who read this post.

Battling Dystonia

Dystonia: Disorder which causes involuntary motion, twisting and/or repetitious movements of the muscles.

Riding the Storm

Oh how I wish I could warn you mama…It’s coming, I can feel it, but I can’t control it; I try but it’s inevitable. I am about to enter into another “storm”.

I can’t make this sh*t up!

Sometimes I feel like there is no one in the world that understands how my life works.  Surely if there were more people who understood the ins and outs of daily life for people like me, more people would be considerate… right?

I have to tell you a story about a time I went to St. Augustine.

April Fool’s in a Doctor’s Office

It is a beautiful Saturday morning.  John is at The Market on Goodlette Frank selling fossils as The Shark Tooth Guy.  We are hoping for a busy turn-out as the other farmer’s markets close down for the season.

Took  Ronan in for a dermatology doctor visit.   Since I must bring Riley along there was the great production of making sure he was well  fed and comfortable, pack up with anything he may need such as clothes change or diapers, then load up Riley’s many supplies.  Then I use the heavy ramp, disassemble the wheelchair and fit it in the back of the jeep.  Carefully place Riley in his seat.  Ronan, must just bring himself, load and buckle himself.  Reverse everything on the other side when we arrive in the parking lot for the medical building.
As I do all this and others arrive long after, file by and sign in to be seen before us.  This is no one else’s fault, but it gets to me anyway.  My time is just as valuable.
It does remind me however, that there are countless instances when I do have legitimate reason to be annoyed by the other clientele coming and going.  One memory stands out above the others.    A visit to Dr. D. Perlmutter’s office in a beautiful medical building in Naples.  After going through the production and finally arriving inside the quiet open foyer.  Keep in mind, at the time Ronan was just a baby and I held him in one arm while pushing the wheelchair with another.  We must have been difficult not to notice yet everyone did.  I located the single elevator and positioned us a few feet in front of the door in the event people would be exiting.  We were not so easy to maneuver so I usually try not to be in the way.  We waited longer than expected and found that many people entered the building just after us and wanted the elevator as well.  We were in the middle of a large crowd when we had started alone.  The doors finally opened.  I do not even remember if anyone stepped off.  I do remember very well that the entire crowd surged around me, piled in to the elevator, turned to face me – each with a stone-faced expression – with no room left and allowed the doors to close before I could even move.   Would you believe, it happened again.  The anger  I felt sent heat to my face and I felt my pulse rising.  The next load I shoved us, Riley – chair – baby and all through the crowd onto the elevator .  The individuals there at that moment were certain to dismiss me as a crazy woman.
Yes, this really happened just as I related the story!  This scenario has repeated many times to various degrees.  Please help me to understand why this happens if anyone has insight?  I welcome your comments.

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