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Word of the Week: Dichotomy

Word of the Week: Dichotomy.

A division or contrast between two things that are or are represented as being opposed or entirely different.

I always loved this word. I was the only one who got it right on a quiz once. But I guess I have come to question/hate/understand it a great deal lately… I guess this is one for the blog…

lesson’s from Riley

Things I do for my son that I wish I would learn… (and what he teaches me)


I refer to Valentines Day as “VD”… “Happy VD”  … I wish you a wonderful VD…   Don’t forget about VD…This time of year has not proven to be my best time of the year… Let’s see…


This post started off very different…

Someone used the word today so I was going to talk about “Blessings”… a word I have come to hate due to a personal story…


Monday, October 28th

“Fantastic!”  Dr. B’s accent rang in my ears as I loaded Riley into his van to make the long drive for the first appointment of the day. 

The Shark Cage

Monster Madness

November 2, 2013
It was a full week of festivities.
Pumpkin carving.  Ronan tackles his independently.

Pumpkin carving. Ronan tackles his independently.

Eleventh Birthday

Have you ever seen a baby being born?  It is something.  I think the word “something” defines it best of all…

Cards and balloons and flowers and all that come with the birth shows something.   Celebrating the event that brings new life; it is what a birth is about as we, the outside world, think of it. But it doesn’t really reflect what the birth is about….

Memorial Mega (ladon) Madness Sale

Start of Memorial Mega (ladon) Madness Sale: 100 (PLUS) fossils, PLUS “special” item (horse? Hemi (in photo, can you find it?)?, Puffer?, OH MY!)… For $9.00 (less than .09 cent per item)… normally $20. Jar is not included, but ID CARD IS (background) AND now through Friday, I WILL INCLUDE SHIPPING (within U.S.A.)!!!! Makes a great gift; or divide it up and resell it; or give it to your favorite teacher for end of year present! Private Message me or send me an Email (TheSharkToothGuy@embarqmail.com) to order. More to come… Just part of the Journey! Thank you for following mine!

John, The Shark Tooth Guy

Mega Madness Sale

Mega Madness Sale



They say life is all about balance.  Today, I realized how much body and mind need that balance…. 

Our Riders Are Our Superheroes

Naples Equestrian Challenge

13th Annual Horse Show

April 6th and 7th, 2013

My Superhero is Riley!



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