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X-Wing Wheelchair Costume

Feeling Star Wars for Halloween?

Last year I decked Riley’s chair out as an X-Wing Starfighter.  This wheelchair costume doesn’t need great skill, just a little imagination and patience. Thought I would share how Riley’s X-Wing came together.

Give Me Food

Not a self-promoting post… I network market products and companies that I truly believe in.   This month I decided detox, an Arbonne program… a great program… which is working for me. Yay! But seriously:   Ever try to go to Mother’s Day Brunch with an amazing chef and a pastry chef who has been rewarded so many awards and accolades? (have you ever seen two elderly women go after the last hand crafted, chocolate peanut brittle, covered in a white powder so innocent it will remind you of your childhood,

Halloween Tie Fighter

Riley’s Halloween costume was a great success!

Stranger Than Most

A pre-Halloween post… What is it about Halloween and Riley that is special to me?   Dressing up and pretending you are someone else…

Surgery Discharge

Surgery could have been yesterday in my mind. Let me see, it was back on August 25th and I am ready to recount arriving in the recovery room.

Riley made it through the surgery without complications.

Riley, however, disagreed with the complication free assessment.

Into Surgery

It has been a long road for this family since committing Riley to Bilateral Hip Adductor and Iliopsoas Releases with Brace Application.


Arriving with Dad for surgery. Golisano Children’s Hopsital of Southwest Florida

On August 5th Riley and his Dad, John, headed up

Buck Brother’s: The Movie


Top Ten Self-Disclosures

My wife was playing with a post for tonight… Bit too technical for me (medical terms and all). I work in Information Technology so that is saying a lot… But I read one thing she wrote and decided to run with it… (LOL … keep on Running until the Devil knows you are gone… Country fans will get it…)…

She wrote:

In planning, our doctor notes that “complex Neurologic issues can cause unexpected results.”

That is the PERFECT note: To the point as it describes our life and the lives of many who read this post.

Let Freedom Ring: Riley Style!!!

Does anyone know why there are no knock-knock jokes about the Fourth of July? ,… Because freedom likes to Ring!

What does it take to be a Special Needs Dad

What does it take to be a Special Needs Dad?

1.)    Have fun: Being a dad can be fun. Honestly, I never wanted kids but couldn’t imagine my life without them. It is fun. If you let it be:

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