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Who’s aware? I hope all the people who don’t lead the life that I do. Self-pity? There’s no such thing to the dad I am.

I’m aware to my core. “I was going to send you an Autism Awareness Day card,” a friend wrote a few years ago,” but I couldn’t find one in the Hallmark aisle.” Why not? God, she was smart.

Bolt On

My 13-year old son Alex slams shut our bedroom door just short of 8 a.m. Something tells me to get up. I don’t, though, and a few minutes later I hear a door shut in the hall outside our apartment. That slam I’ve heard before. The stairwell of our building is across the hall; all you can say is that Alex has never left our apartment building.

Open Wide

The Cartoon Network blares over the chair from a TV to distract kids. This practice understands kid patients, I’ve learned over three or so appointments. They especially understand kid patients with special needs.
“Daddy’s right here with you,” the dentist says to my 13-year-old son Alex, who has autism and who hates the Cartoon Network. I consider asking if they can put on Elmo.

Two of a Kind

To my son Alex I give the command typically heard on a school morning: “Put on pants, socks and shoes.”

There’s this thing about the socks. Most people wear a pair that resemble each other. Alex doesn’t.

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