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X-Wing Wheelchair Costume

Feeling Star Wars for Halloween?

Last year I decked Riley’s chair out as an X-Wing Starfighter.  This wheelchair costume doesn’t need great skill, just a little imagination and patience. Thought I would share how Riley’s X-Wing came together.

Valentine Wrapping

Classroom Valentine Art Feb 2015

The last few months of our journey have been a little extra challenging.  But now it’s time to resume Riley’s Smile.

Family Brunch

Out for Brunch at Collier’s Reserve Country Club, Feb. 15, 2015.

Last Thursday I discovered John working on Riley’s chair. 

Welcome to 2015

Riley’s Smile was missing much of 2014.  This past year we took a few too many steps backwards and his smile actually went away.

My goal for 2015 is to return Riley’s smile to him and keep it there.

A Guide to Holiday Routine

A Guide to Holiday Routine (sucks but doesn’t suck)…
(subtitle ‘Tis the Season)

Routine will help you survive… Routine normally sucks. Every day the same. Know the schedule on the caregiving, medications, therapies, bedtime/awake time, naps (yeah, right!) … Routine kills me. As a former adrenalin junkie/Generation Whatever… But, routine can help for the holidays. Spend your time with the same people and in the same places: Rule #1

Halloween Tie Fighter

Riley’s Halloween costume was a great success!

Let Freedom Ring: Riley Style!!!

Does anyone know why there are no knock-knock jokes about the Fourth of July? ,… Because freedom likes to Ring!

Loggerhead Tracks

Happy 4th of July!

Our family has been earning our own Independence, one day at a time.


I refer to Valentines Day as “VD”… “Happy VD”  … I wish you a wonderful VD…   Don’t forget about VD…This time of year has not proven to be my best time of the year… Let’s see…

…to the tips of my toes

Riley sends his love on this Valentine’s Day!

The Polar Express Chair

The holiday season has kept us pretty busy… Daddy makes sure Riley can participate in any celebration.  This is not an easy task so decorating the wheelchair is usually the first step.  Today Riley’s class will watch The Polar Express.  His chair is covered in lights as well as a musical ornament.  They’ll know he’s there today!

Here Riley is before fully awake waiting for his school bus.

Last week John let me tag along to his school presentations as The Shark Tooth Guy.  First he met Kindergartner’s in Mrs. Doyle’s classroom then on to the 1st Graders, including Ronan.

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