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I can’t make this sh*t up!

Sometimes I feel like there is no one in the world that understands how my life works.  Surely if there were more people who understood the ins and outs of daily life for people like me, more people would be considerate… right?

I have to tell you a story about a time I went to St. Augustine.

Crazy Woman and the Handicap Parking Abusers

Yesterday, Crazy Woman showed up again.

I started out calm with the realization that our outing would be a little challenging.  Yesterday was Ronan’s required family mass and First Communion class over at St. Leo’s Catholic Church.  Taking Riley to mass has now become a rare event due to the difficulties I encounter.  I am also not so sure that there is really any valid reason I should make Riley sit through this uncomfortable hour unless the music is going to be superb.  He does enjoy his music.

Little battles

Riley and Ronan are seen here hanging out with Miss Southwest Florida 2012, Miss Caroline Kay Dixon, at Freedom Waters Foundation’sHeels & Reels last month.  Miss Dixon was very kind and sweet with my boys and was happy to don her crown again after a very full event for a photo.

One little battle after another.  This special needs life still feels like a war to me.  A never ending taking up of arms one moment and protecting my child the next.  This week they are just tiny little battles but I have become weary of heading out each day.

Climate of Disregard

This post has been written and rewritten in my head.   Most of them are.  Sitting down to the keyboard and examining the events of our life here is often an achievement simply in time and energy to complete my task.   Beyond that, I ask myself to be candid (to a reasonable degree) with myself and my audience.   Of course, to relate my life I must confess my own faults as well as revealing the ones I discover in this very strange special needs life.  Earlier this week, a friend and special needs mom, S.S., referred to my blog as “blunt.”  Blunt?  This, I believe, she intended as a compliment.  So, I will continue to strive for blunt since it seems to be my style.

Now, here we are when I must confess and address my own faults.  But I need to recognize my faults and methods without altering my purposes.  I have already admitted throughout the life of this blog that at times I can fall very easily into the role of Mama Bear (at times referred to as “Crazy Woman”).   As last Monday dawned, I had a few subjects on my mind to address this week via this blog: special needs camps and wheelchair accessible vehicles.  I expected the week to be fairly calm as Ronan headed off to a day camp and Riley spent one on one time at home with me.  Unfortunately, my head seems to be stuck in Park back at the camp parking lot.

Help keep accessible parking spaces free for the truly physically challenged enforcing the The Citizen Observer Program

Please sign and share this petition: https://wwws.whitehouse.gov/petitions/!/petition/help-keep-accessible-parking-spaces-free-truly-physically-challenged-enforcing-citizen-observer/5WFYhGzC

You may have noticed… I OBJECT to handicapped parking abuse: http://rileys-smile.blogspot.com/search/label/Handicapped%20Parking.  Please sign this petition and share with your friends. If you have ever needed an accessible parking space, it is quite likely you could not actually park in one due the prevalence of abuse.  I’d really appreciate it if you’d spread the word. Thanks so much!!!

Not Alright With Me…


Funny, I felt my stomach tightening just pulling into the parking lot for Vacation Bible School.  Handicap Parking is always filled with unauthorized users.  This person likely was picking up children learning the same lesson I just heard all the way home.  “God is watching all of us.”

“So”, I wonder “Am I a bad Catholic for resenting this violation?”  Perhaps… but if I do not object to this abuse no one else will.  I find this at each and every school we have participated in since Riley landed in his wheelchair.  I should have left my note… unfortunately, it was extremely hot and our air conditioning is broken so I did not write the traditional note and approached only this vehicle and not the other two violators.  Shame on me for allowing this to happen I suppose.  It is not alright with me and I am not done yet.

This is my discovery today… http://www.handicappedfraud.org, a website for reporting the Handicapped Parking Fraud.  I wonder if it works.  I hope it does.

Meanwhile, time for me to wrestle with my religion… oh wait, first Riley needs lunch, then therapy… then a snack.  Ok, I’ll wrestle with it in the next life and for the most part leave it to the other bloggers.

We are all special… especially those who have the deserve the handicapped parking over Riley… Stacie

6/15 update… There were three violators yesterday and a different three today one of which remained throughout the day.  My church and the volunteer coordinator wants the volunteers and parishioners to park as they will and requested me to leave it alone.  This is the same attitude I have encountered at each and every school, church and organization we have been involved with.  No, special needs does not get the support.  You may want to believe they do but it is a misconception.

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