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Functional Skills Classroom Components

Time for this mom to begin doing serious planning on research concerning IEP’s and the school environment.  Riley’s school career had a rough start, however his elementary school experience has been a very healthy and positive experience.

Rayma school pic

Rayma school pic

This school year Riley has moved on to a Middle School.  The new classroom situation is best described as underwhelming.  This is not a situation I find I want to continue to send my child into each day. To make changes, it is time for me to fully understand what his needs are and what should be expected of his school.

Feeding and Positioning For Children With Cerebral Palsy

This past year, the very wonderful functional skills teaching assistant, Miss Amy took her love of the children and moved on to begin a career in Occupational Therapy.  She has been dearly missed in the classroom, but we know she can now help so many more children now that she is not limited by the school walls.  Any parent of a child with feeding issues already has a field education in Feeding Therapy and is always striving to make this little area of life easier, more efficient and even enjoyable.  Miss Amy kindly agreed to share her feeding therapy study with Riley as her partner.

Feeding and Positioning For Children With Cerebral Palsy

Valentine Wrapping

Classroom Valentine Art Feb 2015

The last few months of our journey have been a little extra challenging.  But now it’s time to resume Riley’s Smile.

Family Brunch

Out for Brunch at Collier’s Reserve Country Club, Feb. 15, 2015.

Last Thursday I discovered John working on Riley’s chair. 

School Bus Roulette/IEP Time

Preparing to enter 5th Grade, Riley’s IEP is scheduled for Friday, March 23rd.

That Riley would be entering 5th Grade is a strange concept.  How can a child who cannot speak and does not know there is such a thing as math enter 5th Grade?  I’ll need to ponder this later, however; it is not my concern of the moment.

The Functional Skills Classroom at Rayma C. Page Elementary is a blessing!  Years ago, Spring Creek Elementary shut their doors on us.  The new school assignment was somewhere in North Fort Myers, Orangewood over 22 miles north of us.  No.  This began my first rally with the school system.  Eventually, Rayma’s  Principal agreed to open their doors to us.

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