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Functional Skills Classroom Components

Time for this mom to begin doing serious planning on research concerning IEP’s and the school environment.  Riley’s school career had a rough start, however his elementary school experience has been a very healthy and positive experience.

Rayma school pic

Rayma school pic

This school year Riley has moved on to a Middle School.  The new classroom situation is best described as underwhelming.  This is not a situation I find I want to continue to send my child into each day. To make changes, it is time for me to fully understand what his needs are and what should be expected of his school.

Shall He Walk?

There are many questions for myself today. But, I have very few answers.

Field Day 2015

A great disappointment came early this year when we learned that the Special Olympic’s of Lee County had decided against holding the annual Field Day for ESE students. 

The Truth about Yes” & “No”

A few weeks ago our little family ventured beyond the boundary of SWFL.  I know: it’s hard to believe.  We are trying to become more active as Riley becomes healthier and we have more energy and time to explore.  Our adventure took us to the Tampa Bay Aquarium where we met up with Miss Jessica, Riley’s 2013-14 ESE teacher, and met her beautiful one year old son for the first time.
Seeing her reminded me how one determined teacher with a mission can make a difference in the life of a child and their family.  This is especially true for children with learning disabilities.  Miss Jessica taught Riley to signal “yes” and “no!” Riley could communicate!

Lee Schools FL ESE Training Classes

Lee County Public Schools, ESE

2014 Parent Training Opportunities

Lee Schools has a full calendar of training opportunities with presenters worthy of our time and attention. 

ESE Communication

Readers of Riley’s Smile know that Riley is very fortunate to attend the Functional Skills Class of Rayma C. Page Elementary.  Communication with the classroom and teacher is exemplary.  Riley’s teacher, Miss Erin, uses the forms daily; we always know exactly how Riley’s day went.  The current forms were designed beautifully by Miss Jessica, the class lead teacher for the past school year.  Miss Jessica deserves credit so I hope she does not object to the use of her full name.  To be fair… the class did have forms in place, but Jessica made them truly complete.  These forms could easily be adopted by all ESE classes of nonverbal students.  If you are having difficulty communicating with your child’s teacher, I encourage you to suggest these forms.

Functional Skills Thanksgiving

Riley and his class invited their families to share a Thanksgiving feast.  This is a yearly celebration hosted by Rayma C. Page Elementary when families share the lunch hour with their children’s classes while feasting on a traditional meal by the cafeteria.   Parents filled the school; they lined up alongside just like their children at reception, outside schoolrooms, and the lunch line.  It is wonderful to see how this yearly celebration has helped the school become a beloved community.

Works of Art

Riley returns home everyday with actual school work and works of art.  Each masterpiece is a joy to discover in his backpack.  Each day I marvel at the differences between my children and adore their achievements with the equal sincerity.  Ronan, at age 7, has just completed reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone; we take turns reading aloud to each other.  Several times while taking my turn, Ronan would begin laughing or commenting before an event would unfold in the story revealing that he had already read ahead.  We are now working on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  As his mom, I am thrilled at his ability.  When Riley returns home with his hand over hand letter the feeling is just as amazing that he can participate and enjoy his life.

School’s Out for Summer!

This past week has been full of the celebrations for both schools.  The two school experiences are like two sides of the same coin for me.  Two sons, two schools, two classrooms, two teachers… how different could the two possibly be?

Each event causes me to ponder our odd life.  It appears that perhaps I have not one, but two special needs kids.  Last summer, the leader of Ronan’s little Bible Camp group suggested this to me.  Riley struggles simply to take in his world and to be a part of it.  He truly tries, and he tries harder all the time to communicate and participate; he strains simply to touch, see and hear.  Ronan, on the other side, takes it all in so effortlessly. 

School Bus Roulette/IEP Time

Preparing to enter 5th Grade, Riley’s IEP is scheduled for Friday, March 23rd.

That Riley would be entering 5th Grade is a strange concept.  How can a child who cannot speak and does not know there is such a thing as math enter 5th Grade?  I’ll need to ponder this later, however; it is not my concern of the moment.

The Functional Skills Classroom at Rayma C. Page Elementary is a blessing!  Years ago, Spring Creek Elementary shut their doors on us.  The new school assignment was somewhere in North Fort Myers, Orangewood over 22 miles north of us.  No.  This began my first rally with the school system.  Eventually, Rayma’s  Principal agreed to open their doors to us.

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