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Little battles

Riley and Ronan are seen here hanging out with Miss Southwest Florida 2012, Miss Caroline Kay Dixon, at Freedom Waters Foundation’sHeels & Reels last month.  Miss Dixon was very kind and sweet with my boys and was happy to don her crown again after a very full event for a photo.

One little battle after another.  This special needs life still feels like a war to me.  A never ending taking up of arms one moment and protecting my child the next.  This week they are just tiny little battles but I have become weary of heading out each day.

Is it Crystal?

The balance between  a total care child, Riley, and a typically developing child, Ronan, can be difficult to find.  Riley took everything; but as parents we did not want Ronan to be cheated of having his needs fulfilled.  Fortunately, Ronan proved to be an easy child from the beginning.

Recognizing that our second child would be deprived of some experiences in deference to our special needs child we dedicated ourselves to Ronan’s success.  I employed every trick I could find to helping my son grow healthy and bright.  Raise a Smarter Child by

“Today” Independence

Independence means.  This is my son, participating in the 4th of July festivities of Bonita Springs (along with his “adopted Boy Scout Troop 109”).  The “Disabled” have come a long way for their “independence” (before 40 or less yrs ago) they would just be locked in some institute and forgotten.  Today, my son (disabled)/my other son (typical), are side by side together in a Parade.   We have all come a long way.  It is due to you, who read my blog, but more so….  It is due to those who serve (in our family, many have served our Nation, Rebecca Buczkowski and Matthew Songe lead our Nation/my family proud).  Independence day is a long road, one we take day by day… fighting battles abroad or at home (getting my child to sleep is a battle… but he is home with me and in a parade… 40 yrs ago, would have been in an institution and forgotten, but not today!).  Today, let us celebrate “Independence Day”… as a Nation, a family and remembering what is like to be Independent (and, MOST OF ALL, appreciate all those… family, soldiers, loved ones, caregivers… who make it possible).

John Buck

The Family Cafe Wraps Up.

Riley, my mom and I returned home from The Family Cafe at the Hilton in Orlando with lots to think about.  Or cry about in Riley’s case; he did not enjoy the car one little bit.  Our own camera went camping with the cub scouts.

Follow this twitter link for images from Florida’s exceptional conference on disabilities, The Family Cafe: https://twitter.com/#!/TheFamilyCafe/media/grid.  While you’re at it, follow @TheFamilyCafe to join up next time around.

Works of Art

Riley returns home everyday with actual school work and works of art.  Each masterpiece is a joy to discover in his backpack.  Each day I marvel at the differences between my children and adore their achievements with the equal sincerity.  Ronan, at age 7, has just completed reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone; we take turns reading aloud to each other.  Several times while taking my turn, Ronan would begin laughing or commenting before an event would unfold in the story revealing that he had already read ahead.  We are now working on Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  As his mom, I am thrilled at his ability.  When Riley returns home with his hand over hand letter the feeling is just as amazing that he can participate and enjoy his life.

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