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Goodbye, Sleepy Beach Town

7/14/16 Seems rather a sad way to spend my birthday, seeing my city in jeopardy. The life we have here with Riley is at risk. Learning just yesterday from a friend that a road would possibly be coming down my own backyard, I attended a City Council Workshop, City of Bonita Springs, Florida Thursday July 14, 2016.

Disability Day at Capitol

Disability Day at Capitol

Auditions for Youth Advocates with Disabilties

Sharing the Voice of Diversity and Youth:  Auditions for Youth Advocates with Disabilities!!!

*Sharing the Voice and Diversity of Youth: *

*Auditions for Youth Advocates with Disabilities*

Be a part of an exciting Global Disability Advocacy and Education Project! If you are between the ages of 12-30, you are eligible to be part of a global education project. You may be selected to share your voice in a user generated disability etiquette video. For more information please contact Elizabeth Pope Program Coordinator, World Enabled/Pineda Foundation for Youth at: liz@pinedafoundation.org

After signing up you will receive instructions on how to audition. The Deadline to Apply is: *February 10, 2012.* The Online application can be found here:


Senate proposes sweeping overhaul of disabled care | The Florida Current

Senate proposes sweeping overhaul of disabled care | The Florida Current

Right now, President Obama is making final decisions about how much funding he’ll request for programs that serve children with special needs. These vital programs are chronically underfunded – so the President’s decision could dramatically affect the futures of millions of children with disabilities.
Please join me in asking President Obama to increase funding for programs that help kids with special needs succeed. Just click here to send him your message: https://secure2.convio.net/es/site/Advocacy?cmd=display&page=UserAction&id=540
Every year, more than 1 million children go undiagnosed and untreated for their disabilities – but we can help ensure they get the treatment they need by letting President Obama know how much we care. As someone who cares about people with disabilities, I hope you’ll send a letter too.

Tell President Obama: Increase federal funding for children with special needs!

Don’t Let the Super Committee Eliminate Programs for Kids with Disabilities

There’s still one more day to tell your member of Congress: don’t let the Super Committee cut programs for children with special needs. Send your letter by TOMORROW!
We’re only 4,381 messages away from our 10,000-letter goal! These are the programs that will help children with disabilities learn, play, and grow – just like every other child their age. Many of these programs are already underfunded, but if they’re cut entirely, vulnerable children will fall further behind in school.
Kids are depending on us to speak up for them – please don’t let them down. Send your letter today.

Phoebe and Valerie

Songstress “Phoebe Snow dies at 60” is about all I could gather from the brief obituary in our local newspaper.  John brought Phoebe Snow to my attention yesterday.  For John, she brings back the love of music he shared with his father who introduced Poetry Man to him as a child.  John had followed her career and adored her music.  To me, she is a model of strength to emulate.  Her career was quickly derailed giving birth to her daughter, Valerie.  Despite the challenge, she dedicated herself to Valerie,  who suffered a traumatic event at birth leaving her with multiple disabilities.  Phoebe did this at a time when disabled children were often institutionalized and forgotten.  Their story is shared below and this post title on a YouTube link.  Listen here to Take Your Children Home.

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