Surgery Discharge

Surgery could have been yesterday in my mind. Let me see, it was back on August 25th and I am ready to recount arriving in the recovery room.

Riley made it through the surgery without complications.

Riley, however, disagreed with the complication free assessment. His dad, John, was called to Recovery to find he was screaming his head off. He was in pain, shock and found himself bound by a brace from his belly to thighs which cranked his hips wide open. Two nurses had been assigned to Riley. They were kind and tried to help but Riley was quite a handful. One nurse engaged Riley’s Dad trying to understand Riley’s severe reaction when he should have been settling due to the medications. Well… he’s trying to tell you he’s mad as h*ll.” The response… “Oh, we thought that may be it.” They were simply unfamiliar with Riley’s level of special need. Riley was managing to stress out everyone around him. Fortunately, they had enough beds to keep him down the hall from other patients attempting their own recovery.

Simply propping up the brace was not working very well in the hospital bed. Before long, John opted to bring him home to familiarity and an environment we could control.  The hospital hay have been easier overnight in some capacities, but home brought Riley solace.  Riley’s was discharged as he was not even scheduled to remain overnight.

There were certainly unforeseen issues caused by heading home quickly as well… Much of the hospital grounds are under construction and simply moving Riley in his awkward brace over roughened pathways to the car proved excruciating for Dad and Son. Yes, he could have requested a nurse to wait at the door but John simply wanted to get Riley home quickly. Then we had lots of issues getting pain meds… they were written in liquid form and the pharmacy couldn’t fill so he went to another branch with it listed on stock only to return. We had to make an emergency call to the physician on call and have the scripts changed just to get our hands on meds then wait the two hours for new meds to get filled.  Our evening turned into a comedy of errors.

By 7 pm Riley was desperate but napped a very little through the night. We gave up on positioning him in bed.  The most comfortable thing we could do for him was to prop pillows all around him in his recliner.  I couldn’t drag John away from him to take my shift until 7 the next morning. That is when John raced out trying to find foods Riley might agree to eat…  10417596_10203806764545448_6161623011788185938_n

By this time we had the necessary Vicodin and Diazepam in hand to help ease Riley’s pain and distress.

For the next three weeks Riley was instructed to wear the brace to allow the muscles to heal in a position, adductor release, where the hip joints were no longer under stress. Imagine doing the splits for 3 weeks straight!  In the end we expect the surgery will provide him relief for what he had been going through and is facing.

Have any of you seen your child through this surgery?  I would like to hear about your experience.

We heard from many friends after surgery and deeply appreciate those who reached out. I also know that many of Riley’s Smile’s blog visitors shared thoughts and prayers for a child never met. I am grateful for the energy sent our way. Thank you!

Surgery aftermath to be continued…






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6 Responses to Surgery Discharge

  1. Keeping you all in thought and prayer and sending lots of Reiki Riley’s way ….may he recover quickly and that bring him the calmness he not only needs but deserves. Wishing you all a good night’s sleep – blessings, Celia M. (HHL)

  2. Glad that the surgery went well without complications. Shall pray for Riley’s speedy recovery.

  3. Lisa Mallis says:

    Thoughts and prayers speeding your way for a calmer and complete recovery!

  4. katherine says:

    What was his surgery for? Bless his heart!

  5. wow, it looks like that was a testing time for Riley and everyone else.
    Hopefull the long term benefits will be worth was seems like obvious discomfort.
    Sending best wishes,

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