Stranger Than Most

A pre-Halloween post… What is it about Halloween and Riley that is special to me?   Dressing up and pretending you are someone else… I guess that is a really nice feature of the “holiday”…. Dressing crazy, looking foolish, looking scary… all while being accepted.   That is cool too.   I like being accepted for who I am … we all have flaws… on this day, they are either disguised or celebrated!.

Halloween is about many things…

The word Halloween means hallowed evening or holy evening. I always found this fact to be interesting… We disguise ourselves, pretend to be monsters in some cases and frighten people. All on the HOLY evening. Regardless the date approaches and like every year…

Costume Supply Gathering

Costume Supply Gathering

I started constructing Riley’s costume this weekend.   (In this post I am including a photo from last year).   If I can pull it off, I think this year will be even better.

The Shark Cage

The Shark Cage

dremelFor me, and I think to my family to an extent, it is a holiday where even the strangest of things become normal. I guess for a person like Riley who is viewed as stranger than most (yes we all have a bit of strange in us) this is the one holiday where he fits in… He will not jump around like a rabbit (Easter), even he is becoming too big to pull off an Elf (Christmas), and given how he started off life we know his luck is limited (St. Patrick’s Day).   However, on this most holy of days, Riley fits right in… A true Holy Night.

As I mentioned, I am building his costume this weekend (PVC, 4 cans of spray paint, dremel, duct tape, liquid nails, t-joints, foam insulation and more).   A preview photo is attached. Looking forward to more photos to come.

Riley's Costume Preparation

Riley’s Costume Preparation

The Shark Tooth Guy sampler

The Shark Tooth Guy sampler

However, in the mean time, and in the Spirit of Halloween… As a “TREAT” to you… look at the photos. If you can guess what it is going to be, a baggie of shark teeth (carb free) will be headed your way.   All CORRECT guesses between now and Wednesday will go in for a drawing and will be sent.



The Shark Tooth Guy

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  3. melody says:

    How awesome! I loved last years shark cage costume. Last weekend I was in Melbourne, FL, and they were having a zombie walk. Many children in wheelchairs and with many handicaps were there participating and they were having a complete blast! It totally made my day (and everyone else there) to see these kids feeling so cool dressed up in that crazy make-up and being part of the big town event. Kudos to you and your family, Happy Halloween. 😉

  4. Melissa says:

    Here via the UBC…

    Halloween is a Hallowed/Holy Evening because it’s the religious New Year for those of us who follow a Pagan path. It’s believed that it’s the night of the year where the physicial and spirit worlds’ division is thinnest, so spirits can come over to our world. Dressing kids in costumes was a tradition to “fool” the spirits into not taking the kids back over to the other side (and now of course, just means fun and candy).

    Happy blogging to you!

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