Snow Respite

Last fall, my sister Michelle started calling with a plan…. a plan to visit her family in New Hampshire.  What was she thinking?  I humored her without any idea how to make it work out.  The last time we left Florida was in 2005 to visit both John’s and my aging grandparents in Kentucky and Indiana.  Traveling with Riley had been challenging and never attempted again.

My sister clearly had no idea how much she was asking of me.  Our vehicles certainly could not make the trip, John had work we could not turn down, traveling is prohibitively expensive, if I attempted to take Riley on a plane how could he manage the seat, could anyone get his wheelchair into a vehicle, could his chair make it into my sister’s home…. The concerns were endless.

Ronan however needed this trip.  He needed to have adventure and family connections.  I would have to take Ronan alone.  We had enough hours left of our hospice respite for John’s work hours and dad and Riley would have some bonding time.  As the day approached I felt sick over it.  Never had I been parted from Riley longer than a school day.

In the end Ronan and I departed for New Hampshire the day after Christmas for three days – all Michelle could talk me into.  We both needed a change, a break, an adventure, connections!

It was right to go and Riley and John both did beautifully without us.  I waited ten years for my first real respite.  We all need downtime.  I hope I don’t wait ten years for the next one and unfortunately John is still counting.  I am grateful my sister pushed for this and my mother made it happen for both Ronan and I.


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