Season of Giving

For the past few years (including this one), a group of local and wonderful women and women contribute to Riley’s organizations: Partners In Care (PIC)/Hope Hospice, Naples Equestrian Challenge, and Freedom Waters Foundation.  This is the “Season of Giving,” moreso than most times of years.  Their giving and yours can make a great difference to the local SWFL organizations that support special needs children and their families.  While national non-for-profits do SO MUCH, the local groups make a huge difference in the life of people like Riley and others… the disabled, the hungry, the homeless or those “just getting by” (usually code for not really getting by). Ronan also has an organization very important to him and he is selling Trail’s End Popcorn to support Boyscout Troop 109.

This post is in honor of a local group who do a great deal without being asked.

Hey, thanks for giving me your ear for a moment. Stacie

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