School’s Out for Summer!

This past week has been full of the celebrations for both schools.  The two school experiences are like two sides of the same coin for me.  Two sons, two schools, two classrooms, two teachers… how different could the two possibly be?

Each event causes me to ponder our odd life.  It appears that perhaps I have not one, but two special needs kids.  Last summer, the leader of Ronan’s little Bible Camp group suggested this to me.  Riley struggles simply to take in his world and to be a part of it.  He truly tries, and he tries harder all the time to communicate and participate; he strains simply to touch, see and hear.  Ronan, on the other side, takes it all in so effortlessly. 

Our week began with school awards for Ronan and then hippotherapy for Riley.   Ronan received High Honors, a Reading Award and the Vice Principal’s Student of the Year for her Enrichment Program.  Tuesday the Functional Skills Class held their year-end ceremony.  Riley and his class demonstrated circle time with Miss Kim’s music therapy (this program is courtesy of Partner’s In Care) with the aid of stander’s and helping teachers.  The class of eight were so delighted with every strum of the guitar and mention of their names.  I actually feared one little girl could knock her stander right over in her joy of the music.  Riley received Certificates of Participation and many congratulations.  He clutched the piece of paper with surprising fierceness when it was slipped into his hand simply because his teacher gave it to him.  My mother accompanied me and could not help but let a few tears escape.  It was a wonderful celebration reminding me how blessed we are to have so many caring and attentive professionals to work with our children.  I do fear that our teacher may step down after her maternity leave, though I am so happy she has established an incredible program and have been grateful for the wonderful gift of her time and dedication these past two years.  Wednesday the day began with the first graders of Ronan’s school competing against each other in a soccer competition.  Imagine my delight seeing Ronan fearlessly going after the ball time and again.  His class eventually lost… the celebrated anyway. 

Today was the final day of the school year.  Ronan had a pizza party in class.  Riley ate his ground chicken and mashed banana, brought home hand over hand artwork, and fully expects to return there tomorrow.

We are all special… Stacie

7 Responses to School’s Out for Summer!

  1. Carol Buczkowski says:

    What a beautiful article Stacie! I really enjoyed our visit with you, John, Riley and Ronan and getting to spend a little time with each of you. Wish we lived closer and could spend more time with you. Thanks so much for dinner…it was delicious!

  2. Stacie, so many feelings as I read your insights.
    I hope you can make time to share”all that is yet unwritten” but within you as you said today.

    • Bonita Mom says:

      Thank you Cynthia! I love that you visited right away. I really appreciate your patience and understanding yesterday. Thank you so much for the visit.

  3. Debra Frenkel says:

    Thanks for sharing Stacie. You have a wonderful way with words. Those boys are lucky to have such a special mom. Big hugs to you all.

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  5. Rita Buck says:

    Such a beautiful week. Thank you for sharing with all of us…..Now two Grandmothers have shed a tear, as you took us to each event with your beautiful writings.

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