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Readers of Riley’s Smile know that Riley is very fortunate to attend the Functional Skills Class of Rayma C. Page Elementary.  Communication with the classroom and teacher is exemplary.  Riley’s teacher, Miss Erin, uses the forms daily; we always know exactly how Riley’s day went.  The current forms were designed beautifully by Miss Jessica, the class lead teacher for the past school year.  Miss Jessica deserves credit so I hope she does not object to the use of her full name.  To be fair… the class did have forms in place, but Jessica made them truly complete.  These forms could easily be adopted by all ESE classes of nonverbal students.  If you are having difficulty communicating with your child’s teacher, I encourage you to suggest these forms.

Newsletter developed by Mrs. K

The monthly newsletter has been both informative and appreciative.  Mrs. K made it a little more fun and inviting along the way.  Most teachers leave it solely to the school to send home the pertinent information for the school which neglects the ESE classes.

Riley also has a vision therapist who works with him each time she is scheduled for the school. She takes the time and effort to write a detailed note regarding their work together, Riley’s progress and engagement.  I look forward to hearing how well he works with the professionals guiding his education.  Physical and Occupational Therapists who visit the classroom have yet to follow suit with the communication effort, but I remain hopeful.

“Daily School Report” sent home each evening by Jessica Ehrhart

Rayma functional class forms_0001

“My Weekend” returned to school every Monday from parents by Jessica Ehrhart

Rayma functional class forms_0002

“Patriot Day”

An icon handout for the nonverbal students created by news2you, an extension of the Unique Curriculum.  Miss Erin receives a subscription from the Lee County Schools District.  All the stories come with pictures.  Patriot Day poignantly expressing the history and sentiment behind the holiday.

Patriot Day

Patriot Day

Patriot Day, page 2

Patriot Day, page 2

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  1. Jessica says:

    Lovely post! I am so happy that you found the forms and daily communication helpful! I am super excited that things are going well this year for Miss Erin and the gang. I miss you all SO much! Please tell Riley that I miss him!

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