Riley Turns 10!

It seems appropriate to celebrate Riley’s Tenth Birthday under Hurricane Isaac skies.  He had a wonderful time swimming  yesterday, all of Florida closed down for hurricane watch.  Here is the first photo of Riley.  It was taken by a UCLA Santa Monica NICU nurse nearly 24 hours after his traumatic birth.  The Poloroid commemorates the 3:30 am receiving of the Baptismal and Annointing of the Sick Sacraments (formerly known as Last Rites).  It has been quite a ten year journey and I still cannot imagine where it goes from here. 

We sent him off to school with celebratory birthday foods.  These aren’t the typical cupcakes found in the classroom but already prepared and mushed fruit and pie fillings that Riley and his classmates can handle.  Yum!

Happy Birthday Riley!

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  1. P.S. should be one – not own … xo

  2. Riley.. happy birthday!!!! Turning double digits is a fantastic year. You are own amazing young man ~ your strength and determination is a great inspiration to never give up … miracles happen everyday and you my young friend are one of the most amazing and wonderful miracles this world is blessed to know.

    With the loving support of your family and their strength you DO make a beautiful difference to all who read and get to know you. Extra blessed are those who get to know you in person… hopefully one day I will be one of them. Hugs and love from Canada, C. (HHL)

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