Activities, SWFL


Freedom Waters Foundation

To provide marine-based, social, environmental programs for unique individuals, their families and friends through direct service and community partnerships.


Naples Equestrian Challenge

To provide marine-based, social, environmental programs for unique individuals, their families and friends through direct service and community partnerships.


Whispering Pines Clydesdales

Cart, carriage and wagon Rides in Bonita Springs, FL. Seeking non-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide physical and emotional therapeutic events to terminally ill children, children and adults with physical disabilities, children and adults with special needs, and elderly adults living in full or assisted living facilities and Hope Hospice.

239 989-4782


Art, Music, Photography and Poetry


Free CCS Classes to Children with Special Needs

Come Children, Sing! continues to provide free CCS classes for children with special needs. Advanced CCS classes are also provided for these children for no charge, providing as much as four years of music instruction. Tell parents of children with special needs and their support organizations to contact us about free online classes.


Maple Leaf Mission, The

Capturing Special Children with a vast army of volunteer photographers capable of meeting the ever-growing demand for its services all over the world.







Brain Injury Awareness Month

Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month

Disabilities Awareness Month

25th – National CP Day



10th – National Siblings Day Celebration


        15 International Kangaroo Care Awareness Day

18 International 22q Awareness Day





30th International Microcephaly Awareness Day


Sensory Processing Awareness Month

Spina Bifida Awareness Month

7th – Bully Prevention Day, wear blue

9th – Unity Day, wear orange


American Diabetes Month

Epilepsy Awareness Month

World Prematurity Day, Nov. 17th 2013



Education, Intervention, Training


Ability Path

“The Journey to Life after High School: A Road Map for Parents of Children with Special Needs”is a resource guide designed to help ease the transition from high school to adulthood for children with special needs. This comprehensive guide examines the laws that impact a child with special needs, the importance of the individualized education plan, and the different paths a child with special needs can take after graduating from high school. Includes State by State Agency Guide.


Administration of Autologous Bone Marrow-Derived Mononuclear Cells

in Children With Incurable Neurological Disorders and Injury

Is Safe and Improves Their Quality of Life


COPAA Annual Conference & Training | Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates |  Copaa

Special Education Rights and Advocacy.


Council for Exceptional Children, The Voice and Vision of Special Education

The Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) is the largest international professional organization dedicated to improving the educational success of individuals with disabilities and/or gifts and talents. CEC advocates for appropriate governmental policies, sets professional standards, provides professional development, advocates for individuals with exceptionalities, and helps professionals obtain conditions and resources necessary for effective professional practice.

DMF Vocational Campus

“The Dan Marino Foundation’s plans for a downtown college for the developmentally disabled could give students the real-world experiences they need to make it on their own.”;jsessionid=CAB05216355335076C1670A4FD8558B4


DO-IT, Disabilities, Opportunities, Internetworking, and Technology

The international DO-IT Center promotes the success of individuals with disabilities in postsecondary education and careers, using technology as an empowering tool.


Florida Department of Education

” The Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services administers programs for students with disabilities and for gifted students. Additionally, the bureau coordinates student services throughout the state and participates in multiple inter-agency efforts designed to strengthen the quality and variety of services available to students with special needs.”


Florida Transition Project: Video

Florida’s Transition Project for Infants, Young Children and Their Families assists local communities in establishing trained teams to develop a seamless system of transition among agencies providing services to young children with disabilities, birth to six years of age, and their families.


GEMSS – Genetics Education Materials for School Success

Children who have genetic conditions are members of neighborhood schools across the country. In fact, it is estimated that about 1 in 20 children has a genetic condition. Teachers and parents use GEMSS to better understand the needs of students who have genetic conditions.


Goal Banks

Goal banks can give ideas for writing goals and objectives. Penn has a neat website that involves their curriculum framework that may give you ideas.


IDEA (The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act) IEP vs. 504 Plan 

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a federal law enacted in 1990 and reauthorized in 1997 and 2004. It is designed to protect the rights of students with disabilities by ensuring that everyone receives a free appropriate public education (FAPE), regardless of ability.


Individualized Learning Plan (ILP)/NCWD Youth

An individualized learning plan (ILP) is a tool that students in secondary school use – with support from school counselors and parents – to define…


Iris Center, The

Free online interactive resources that translate research about the education of students with disabilities into practice.


Handwriting Without Tears, The
website offers free activities and downloads that can be used at home with students to practice handwriting skills in a very fun way- here is one example.


Learning Disorders

With the right support and training, children with learning disabilities can tackle the obstacles they face in the classroom and thrive in all areas of life.


National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities

We serve the nation as a central source of information on disabilities in infants, toddlers, children, and youth – ESEA & IDEA (education & special education laws)–research-based information on effective educational practices


National Center on Response to Intervention

Welcome to the one place to find all you need to know about Response to Intervention. Use the graphic to navigate through and learn about the the Essential Components of RTI.

North Carolina Safety Training Network

Safety Techniques for Tying Down Wheelchairs


Office of Civil Rights(OCR)


Reading Together: Tips for Parents of Children with Cerebral Palsy, Reading Rockets.

Cerebral Palsy affects your child’s brain. This may cause difficulty with muscle tone and control. Your child may have delays speaking or have speech that is hard to understand. Reading with your child and having your child name objects in the book or read aloud to you can strengthen his speech skills…


Sensory Street

For anyone whose lives are touched by Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), formerly referred to as Sensory Integration Dysfunction (SID). sensory streettm offers workshops and seminars to help the community understand how it feels to live with Sensory Processing issues, and teach strategies to help these sensory kids regulate and participate.


The Special Ed Advocate

Parents, educators, advocates, and attorneys come to Wrightslaw for accurate, reliable information about special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities.


Special Ed Connection

” Instantly locate proven strategies, helpful tools, special education case law, federal statutes/regulations and more — with the online solution thousands of your colleagues already rely on”


VSA Intersections: Arts and Special Education Conference, A Jean Kennedy Smith Arts and Disability Program


2014 VSA Intersections: Arts and Special Education Conference
A Jean Kennedy Smith Arts and Disability Program


How to handle disagreements at the IEP


Diet & Health


Gluten Handout


Candida Chart


Health Care for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

Toolkit for Primary Care Providers


Journal of Parental and Enteral Nutrition

Pureed by Gastrostomy Tube Diet Improves Gagging and Retching in Children With Fundoplication


Government, Legal and Planning


Center for Disability Rights, Inc. (CDR), The

Not-for-profit, community-based advocacy and service organization for people with all types of disabilities.


Fearless Family Planning

A Fearless Family faces the future head on, planning for the inevitable end of life, for the possibility of disability, and the need to care for family members with special needs long after the death of parents.


Partners In Policy Making

“Adults who have a developmental disability • Parents/legal guardians of young children with developmental disabilities • Men and women representing different ages, experiences, ethnic groups, and geographical regions of Florida • Highly motivated and enthusiastic people who want to work for system…”


Special Needs Trusts, Why by The National Special Needs Network


News, Magazines, Radio & Television


Center for Parent Information & Resources


Complex Child



Dialogues with Dan



Disability News Radio



We started HOPELights in an effort to create monthly magazine subscriptions for children with special needs and to provide inspirational resources for parents, caretakers, family members and friends who need a little bit of cyber-tlc.


Including Samuel Documentary

“Before his son Samuel was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, photojournalist Dan Habib rarely thought about the inclusion of people with disabilities. Now he thinks about inclusion every day. Shot and produced over four years, Habib’s award-winning documentary film, Including Samuel, chronicles the Habib family’s efforts to include Samuel in every facet of their lives. The film honestly portrays his family’s hopes and struggles as well as the experiences of four other individuals with disabilities and their families. Including Samuel is a highly personal, passionately photographed film that captures the cultural and systemic barriers to inclusion.”


Medicaid Waiver News


Parenting Special Needs Magazine
NEW COLUMN Featuring YOU: We are looking for Moms or Dads that would like to volunteer to share about a day in their life with their special needs child. If interested in sharing please send us a message or email to Please include your name contact information, child’s age and disability. We will get back to with details.


Special Moms Parenting Magazine

Special Needs Mom Business Coach, club for mom entrepreneurs. We support, inspire & share both personally & professionally.


Special Needs Talk Radio

Simultaneous chats during broadcasts create real time interaction and engage parents with others in our welcoming community of caregivers, experts, hosts and educators.


The Arc

local chapters. or
(850) 921-0460


U.S. International Council on Disabilities


Special Needs Support Groups and Communities


Abled & disAbled United 4 Community Change


Beit Izzy Shapiro

Israel’s innovator of therapies for children and adults with disabilities.


Brain Injury Association

The Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA) is the voice of brain injury. We are dedicated to increasing access to quality health care and raising awareness and understanding of brain injury through advocacy, education and research.


Central Florida Parent Center

Information, training, assistance and support.


Cerebral Palsy Source


Cerebral Palsy International Research Foundation or


The Children’s Link Society

Resources, information, parent-to-parent connections, and hope to families and professionals who care for and work with children and youth with special needs. Alberta, Canada


Cerebral Palsy Parents Information Group 

Everyone is welcome!


Children With Special Needs

This site is run by parents, for parents.


Children with Special Needs Site with Pamela Wilson


Cole’s Pages

When your family is facing a medical challenge, Cole’s Pages is here as a center for relationship, news, support, and hope. Create a customized page to keep all your family and friends updated.


Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project

Caring too much can hurt. When caregivers focus on others without practicing self-care, destructive behaviors can surface. Apathy, isolation, bottled up emotions and substance abuse head a long list of symptoms associated with the secondary traumatic stress disorder now labeled: Compassion Fatigue


CP Daily Living


Disability is Natural

Encourage new ways of thinking about developmental disabilities.


Disability News Radio


Disabled Global Community


Elves Special Needs Society

Provides individuals with severe disabilities and special needs with a unique, individualized, educational or day program to promote their maximum development and to enhance the quality of life of the individuals and their families within a supportive and caring environment.


Exceptional Family TV

non-profit organizations that are specific to your child’s diagnosis.


The Family Cafe

The Family Café exists to provide individuals with disabilities and their families with an opportunity for collaboration, advocacy, friendship and empowerment by serving as a facilitator of communication, a space for dialogue and a source of information.” 888-309-CAFE


Florida Center for Inclusive Communities (FCIC)

The University of South Florida was established in October 2005 through a University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities Education, Research, and Service grant award from the Administration on Developmental Disabilities. Through leadership in research and evaluation, theory, policy, capacity building, and practice the FCIC is committed to developing a range of supports and services in the areas of Community Supports, Early Childhood, Transition, Education, Employment, Health, Interdisciplinary Training, Public Policy, and Cultural Competence.


Florida Childhood Services


Florida Father’s Network

Involving fathers in the lives of children with disabilities Providing a forum for fathers to learn, voice their thoughts and network with other fathers


Florida Unites

Social Network for people who are passionate about helping people who have disabilities.


The Florida Youth Council


Foundation for the Developmentally Disabled

Enhancing the quality of life for adults with developmental disabilities though community awareness; family support; housing options; and education, social and recreational activities.

Enhancing the quality of life for adults with developmental disabilities though community awareness; family support; housing options; and education, social and recreational activities.


Grandparents of Kids with Special Needs (GKSN)

On our simple website, you’ll have a chance to meet other grandparents through our Yahoo group or Facebook groups, share ideas for supporting your kids and grandkids, and even post pictures of you and your grandkids!”


GridIron Alliance

The Gridiron Alliance (a 501 3C charity organization) was organized primarily to teach and support those ready to learn and pursue a new life in the aftermath of a catastrophic sports.


Healthy Caregiving

Healthy caregiving promotes awareness in caregivers from all professions about the possibility of providing quality care to others while practicing authentic, sustainable self care to ourselves.


Life Care Foundation on Disabilities

Our goal is improving individual outcomes and quality of life to Persons with Disabilities


Hand to Hold

An Austin based non-profit organization would like to invite you to become a Helping Hand peer support volunteer.


Hopeful Parents

Grassroots support for parents of kids with special needs.


Karl J. Drews


Joni and Friends

Our ministry is dedicated to extending the love and message of Jesus Christ to people who are affected by disability around the world.


Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD)

Family Resource for Metachromatic Leukodystrophy Information & Support


Mommies of Miracles


My Child Without Limits

Are you worried that your child isn’t developing like other children? Has your child been diagnosed with a developmental delay or disability? You are not alone. We are here to help you find answers to your questions.


Noah’s Children

Central Virginia’s only pediatric hospice and palliative care program.


One Place for Special Needs

Articles, Events and Resources


Opsoclonus-Myoclonus syndrome (OMS)



Devoted to Raising Special Kids with Special Needs. Our-Kids provides global support and has members from several countries, Canada, England, Australia, Africa, etc. Here we can discuss our children’s accomplishments and defeats, knowing that the audience includes others who know what we are going through. We can also get some idea of how others address specific problems/concerns with feeding, learning, schools, medical resources, techniques and equipment, as well as describing the problems to friends and family or just coping. Syracuse University.

Resources and Archives :




Emotional & Informational support for families of children who have special needs.


PACER Center – Assistance for Children with Disabilities, Teen Bullying, Parent Programs

PACER Center’s mission is to expand opportunities and enhance the quality of life of children and young adults with disabilities and provide family programs.


Partners In Care (PIC)/Hope Hospice

PIC is a pilot program in Lee, Hendry and Glades counties through Hope Hospice for children with “life altering” illnesses and their families.


PediaStaff CP Links


President’s Committee for People with Intellectual Disabilities, The


Parents of kids with Neurological Disorders


Sensory Processing Disorder


Siblings of Kids with Special Needs: Your Child: University of Michigan Health System

“Siblings of children with special needs have special needs themselves. Their sister or brother with special needs will get a bigger share of attention. While having a special needs sib presents challenges, it also comes with opportunities. Kids who grow up with a sibling with special health …”


Sibs | For brothers and sisters of disabled children and adults

Sibs is the only UK charity representing the needs of siblings of disabled people. Siblings have a lifelong need for information, they often experience social and emotional isolation, and have to cope with difficult situations…


Sibling Support

The Sibling Support Project is a national effort dedicated to the life-long concerns of brothers and sisters of people who have special health, developmental, or mental health concerns.


SibTeen request to join or the more open group is found on Yahoo:


Snappin’ Ministries

Nationwide support network for parents of children with special needs. Our mission is to support and encourage those living with the daily challenge of parenting a special needs child, so that they may experience the genuine love and hope of Jesus in their everyday lives.


Spastic Quadriplegia


Special Happens

SPECIAL HAPPENS is a community resource and blog for parents and caregivers of children with special needs.


Special Moms Entrepreneur Club



Special Needs Bridge

We decided to create this website in order to assist families in finding available resources and support to serve their needs.

Youth Advisory Committee of Florida

(877) 822-1993 voice/TTY (850) 488-5624



Equipment & Supplies

Equipment Exchange


Caroline’s Cart

“Caroline’s Cart is a shopping cart created for special needs children. It provides parents and caregivers a viable option to transport a child through a store while grocery shopping, without simultaneously having to maneuver a wheelchair and a traditional grocery cart”


Columbia Medical

Quality assistive products and innovative daily living aids for individuals with special needs. Our mission is simply to provide solutions for daily activities which improve the lives of children with special needs and their caregivers.



Provide special needs children, adults, and their families the highest quality compact-folding lightweight wheelchairs.


ESpecial Needs


The Farrell Valve Bag – GI/gas issues



The Flex-Flat Ramp is available on the Ford Transit Connect, and soon on the Toyota Sienna, Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town & Country.


Free Wheelchair Mission

An international nonprofit organization dedicated to providing wheelchairs for the impoverished disabled in developing nations. We have placed over 600,000 wheelchairs in 83 countries!


Fun and Function

We design sensory toys and therapy equipment for special needs to help children learn adaptive responses for what they may lack or crave.


Hatchbacks Footwear

Designed for use with AFOs


Knit-Rite, Inc

Designer, marketer, and manufacturer of innovative textiles for medical and consumer markets. For 90 years we have manufactured medical textile solutions that promote mobility, protection, and comfort. We remain committed to the continued research and development and manufacturing products with healthy benefits for a better quality of life.


Neotech Products

Neotech makes innovative home care products for children with tracheostomies and suction needs.


Oley Foundation, The


Roho Group, The

Air cushions that work well with skin breakdown in the wheelchair.


Tummy Tunnels

Until now, there has not been a simple solution for dressing a child with a feeding tube. …”


Wheels for the World

Wheels for the World provides a free wheelchair to children and adults affected by disabilityworldwide.



Sensory Products


Recreation & Adventure


Live It! Love It!

Our mission is to promote the progression of Adaptive Adventure and provide outdoor recreation opportunities for the disabled.


Therapy, Health & Medical


American Academy of Neurology

Study: New Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury Shows Promise in Animals, article February 19, 2012 – “A new drug is showing promise in shielding against the harmful effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI)… ”


Cerebral Palsy and Fatigue


Exercises for Cerebral Palsy
Exercising is important for all special needs children but here are a couple of important points to consider for children with cerebral palsy when exercising.


Feeding Issues

There are several feeding and gastro issues that a child with special needs may have. Some of these issues can be addressed with therapy and sometimes a feeding tube may need to be placed.


Healthy Sleep Habits for Special Needs Kids

Review tips to help your special needs child with autism, ADHD, or depression, etc., get a good night’s sleep.


How the Brain Creates Personality: A New Theory


Isabella’s Aviary

Isabella is 10 years old and suffers from a rare, neurodegenerative disease, similar to Alzheimer’s Disease in a child. Isabella has a deep passion for parrots and her dream was to hand raise companion and therapy birds for other special needs children. Isabella’s Aviary Alliance was born of that dream, which is now a reality.


Oral Care
Several articles on basic oral health tips for children with special needs as well as strategies for specific diagnoses like autism, Down syndrome and cerebral palsy.



Nationwide, niche-oriented staffing company focusing on the placement and staffing of pediatric therapists. We specialize in pediatric speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, related assistants, and now – school psychologists! For parents, PediaStaff has a highly informative blog and keeps up to date on all the latest information and technology.


Sensory Calming Activities


Ventriculoperitoneal shunting


Toys, Play and Accessories



Play Products for Children with Special Needs. AblePlay Resources


Kid Companions Chewelry: SAFE Sensory Chew Necklace Kid Companions Chewelry

Give parents peace of mind & support their special children who MUST bite, chew or fidget. Kid Companions Chewelry is BPA, lead, latex, pvc, phthalate free.


Playworks, Toys for Special Children





Helpline for Travelers with Disabilities

TSA Cares

US Parks Access Pass


Ride Safe

Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Wheelchair Transportation Safety, University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute.



Disability services and waivers for all 50 staties


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