Preserving the First Day of School

We are on the countdown for the first day of school.  My head is reeling from all the preparation needed and thoughts of all that remains undone from my summer plans.  Then there are the changes that worry me deep in the night.  Riley moves to middle school this fall; if you’ve been following along you know how perfect his previous classroom is for him.  Ronan leaves behind a teacher he adores and I wonder if I’ve made the right school choice for him.

First day of school memories were not high on my priority list when my two entered their first classrooms.  But now I see other moms planning on preserving their first day memories.  This family definitely keeps memories close at hand but I must say I would not mind having some of these more creative ideas to look back upon. As a special needs parent the first day of school brings huge anxiety.  There are so many unknowns and we are unaccustomed to entrusting our child to strangers.  To make it worse, our child us unlikely to communicate how the day went.  Sending our child to school is an even greater leap than parents with typical children could possibly imagine.

So if documenting this day to create some perfect memory is out of reach, just pull out the cell phone camera and snap as the school bus pulls up.  None of us need extra stress, but you will want to have that precious face by you.  They do change and quickly. A few ideas for those who don’t have time to dig through Pinterest and Google searches (who really has time for that anyway?):

*  Create a first year scrapbook.  Include current photo’s and newspaper articles, and an essay about the school bus or classroom. Add in another article, essay, special school art, awards, holiday photo and school portraits every couple of months and by year end you will have a whole scrapbook.

*  Time capsules decorated by your child.

* Purchase an adult size t-shirt printed with your childs expected graduation date.  Bring out the same shirt each year for a first day photo and watch him/her grow into it.

* Apps are available just for purpose of school memories: Elmer’s First Day of School App

* Be creative with your photo’s: 9 Tips Taking Great Back to School Photos

I would love to see some of your handiwork, please do share:-)

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  1. Jessica says:

    I hope that middle school is wildly fun for Riley and that all of your anxieties are calmed. Miss you guys!

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