Painting with a Twist

Join us for Sunday evening for a Painting With A Twist fundraiser to provide Riley with his own iNfinity App.  The evening, organized by our friend Donna Lee (readers know her as Riley’s Massage Therapist), is going to be great fun with some amazing people.  I hope you can join us!

The iNfinity will provide Riley with an in-home system for Biofeedback therapy to keep help keep him on his healthy/happy path.  Biofeedback training teaches how to consciously change and control the body’s vital functions that are normally unconscious, such as breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure, through information provided by electronic devices.

Painting with a Twist:

Sun, March 29, 2015 5 pm

We will be painting
Aztec Sun

WE ARE INVITING YOU TO COME PARTY WITH RILEY: March 29th, Sunday evening, at 5PM to 7PM. We will be painting together, laughing together and working together to purchase a bio-feedback iPad program to help Riley feel stronger, calmer and more balanced, assisting in avoiding spasms and seizures. Please RSVP a.s.a.p. so that we can assure you a seat, canvas, refreshments and FUN!!!! $45 registration fee, mention RILEY, the magic word.

Attendees and Contributors will have a free session to experience the iNfinity APP for themselves.

Riley lives with his parents, Stacie and John, and his younger brother Ronan in Bonita Springs, Florida.  He is a Rayma C. Page Elementary Student in the Functional Skills class where he enjoys Art, Music Therapy and adaptive Physical Education as well as reading and learning to communicate with his teacher.  He is a regular participant in horseback riding classes at Naples Equestrian Challenge where he has many friends.

Due to complications from a Grade IV Brain Hemorrhage in utero, he has Cerebral Palsy as well as having global impairments and is non-verbal.  During Riley’s early years it proved very difficult for his parents to keep him comfortable and healthy.  His greatest issues to resolve were severe seizures and the inability to keep his food down.  Traditional medicine could only slightly alleviate Riley’s challenges.  Turning to Alternative Medicine proved life-changing for Riley upon being introduced to Integrity Biofeedback.

Now Riley is a happy and healthy child despite the disabilities he faces.  Alternative healthcare has helped Riley regain his health and enjoy his life.  Recently Biofeedback became available for home use through the Infinity App.  Having regular access to this amazing technology would help Riley’s family to bring him the health balancing benefits of biofeedback on a daily basis thus improving his quality of life.

More on biofeedback at or the Infinity App

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  1. Lux Ganzon says:

    Sounds exciting. If only I live closer.
    Good luck on the party.

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