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Holy Thursday

Today we mourn, tomorrow we Rejoice. Happy Easter! Sharing our Special Needs Journey. More »

Holiday Appreciation Gifting

The Holidays are always so amazing. The cooler air, decorations, events, mutual appreciation… I look forward to almost all of it. Gift giving, however, is a challenge. It is especially daunting when Sharing our Special Needs Journey. More »

X-Wing Wheelchair Costume

Feeling Star Wars for Halloween? Last year I decked Riley’s chair out as an X-Wing Starfighter.  This wheelchair costume doesn’t need great skill, just a little imagination and patience. Thought I would Sharing our Special Needs Journey. More »

14th Birthday

Sunday, Riley turned 14. One photo for each of the years. Rough start, but through the Journey you have taught me (us) so much about being a parent and who we are. Sharing our Special Needs Journey. More »

ER Tour

Riley’s school reading across my phone during the school day would normally put me on guard immediately. However, Riley’s bus could not even have reached the school yet. “Hello, I am the Sharing our Special Needs Journey. More »

Mama’s Birthday Today

My little guy sang for me on my Birthday with the help of Music Kim, our amazing music therapist. 

Feeding and Positioning For Children With Cerebral Palsy

This past year, the very wonderful functional skills teaching assistant, Miss Amy took her love of the children and moved on to begin a career in Occupational Therapy.  She has been dearly missed in the classroom, but we know she can now help so many more children now that she is not limited by the school walls.  Any parent of a child with feeding issues already has a field education in Feeding Therapy and is always striving to make this little area of life easier, more efficient and even enjoyable.  Miss Amy kindly agreed to share her feeding therapy study with Riley as her partner.

Feeding and Positioning For Children With Cerebral Palsy

leaving the battlefield

Over the years, we have been working and praying toward life becoming just a little easier. Hoping for less pain and more joy for Riley, a little more sleep, a few less knocks, a little less struggle… Easier never really comes along despite our efforts; it simply changes. bday celebration

Letter to the Governor

June 16, 2015


Office of Governor Rick Scott

State of Florida

Shall He Walk?

There are many questions for myself today. But, I have very few answers.

Give Me Food

Not a self-promoting post… I network market products and companies that I truly believe in.   This month I decided detox, an Arbonne program… a great program… which is working for me. Yay! But seriously:   Ever try to go to Mother’s Day Brunch with an amazing chef and a pastry chef who has been rewarded so many awards and accolades? (have you ever seen two elderly women go after the last hand crafted, chocolate peanut brittle, covered in a white powder so innocent it will remind you of your childhood,

Field Day 2015

A great disappointment came early this year when we learned that the Special Olympic’s of Lee County had decided against holding the annual Field Day for ESE students. 

The Truth about Yes” & “No”

A few weeks ago our little family ventured beyond the boundary of SWFL.  I know: it’s hard to believe.  We are trying to become more active as Riley becomes healthier and we have more energy and time to explore.  Our adventure took us to the Tampa Bay Aquarium where we met up with Miss Jessica, Riley’s 2013-14 ESE teacher, and met her beautiful one year old son for the first time.
Seeing her reminded me how one determined teacher with a mission can make a difference in the life of a child and their family.  This is especially true for children with learning disabilities.  Miss Jessica taught Riley to signal “yes” and “no!” Riley could communicate!

Painting with a Twist

Join us for Sunday evening for a Painting With A Twist fundraiser to provide Riley with his own iNfinity App.  The evening, organized by our friend Donna Lee (readers know her as Riley’s Massage Therapist), is going to be great fun with some amazing people.  I hope you can join us!

Keep the Beautiful in Bonita

Last Saturday the boys and I met up with Ronan’s Honor Society, BHS, in old Bonita to participate in the Keep The Beautiful in Bonita Springs.  I was determined to take Riley along

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