My Little Ogre

My youngest child, Ronan, spent the summer rehearsing to play the part of Little Ogre in Shrek The Musical Jr. with Youth Theater Program of The Art Center of Bonita SpringsThe play opened to the public this past weekend to full-houses.

Once again I am struck at the differences of raising a child with global developmental and medical issues versus a typically developing child.  We removed chairs from the theater to have Riley seated with family and friends.  As the play began with Ronan squarely in the first scene as The Little Ogre or Young Shrek, tears took me by surprise.  My appreciation for theater is minimal, but as I watched my son take on his first part I was struck by how my child moving toward independence and defining his own place in the world.  This was an entirely new sensation I have not had opportunity to explore with Riley.

Nevermind all that.  We all had fun!  Here is a little view of it all.

bday celebration






Riley’s Smile

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  1. Cherish these moments..lovely pictures. 🙂

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