Loggerhead Tracks

Happy 4th of July!

Our family has been earning our own Independence, one day at a time.  As Riley becomes healthier, sleeps better and his seizures have come under control, we are each able to experience more Freedom than we ever have since his birth.

Early one morning this past week, along with my son, Ronan, and our friend, Livia, I met up with a girlfriend, Gina, I met through my Arbonne Consultant business.  Gina has a beautiful energy about her along with a willingness to share her passion for protecting marine turtles as a Turtle Time volunteer. As the sun rose over us, Gina took us on her walk inspecting the turtle nests and in search of new ones.  As we meandered along Bonita Beach, we learned quite a lot about sharing our beaches and oceans with wildlife.  Along the way, her sharp eyes quickly caught new activity on the beach.  One young Loggerhead had nested a little too close to the surf.  In order to protect the 103 eggs the nest had to be relocated higher along the dune line.

Should you find yourself walking along Bonita Beach and discover our own “Livia and Ronan’s Nest,” check in and let us know how it is doing.

I will let the photo’s share our adventure!  Thank you to all who protect our freedoms!  Be safe, share your holiday and treasure your freedom!



3 Responses to Loggerhead Tracks

  1. very well illustrated.

  2. Interesting facts about loggerhead turtles. Thanks for sharing. I can barely tell one kind of turtle from the other so this helped. If I am ever in Bonita Beach, I will keep an eye out for them.

  3. Teresa Edmond-Sargeant says:

    Great post about your friend’s desire to protect marine turtles. I like how the pictures give a “play by play” of this activity.

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