Let Freedom Ring: Riley Style!!!

Does anyone know why there are no knock-knock jokes about the Fourth of July? ,… Because freedom likes to Ring!

That being said: This weekend so far was good for Riley and he is doing his own “ringing” (singing and splashing too..). Total pool time. And just fun time– Riley Style… Moving , connecting, splashing, rain on the face, sounds (fireworks) in distance that spark interest. Found an amazing play list on Amazon Prime Music… Time with Dad. Time with Mom. Time as a family…. That is what freedom is about…. Oppression that exists in many parts of this world can not only break an individual, but a family. We are Blessed to have this Freedom (our family/families). It is also about appreciating what you have. Might not be what someone else has or what Society deems you need. But just being in the moment and experiencing the freedom of the moment with people that you love (splashing, music, sensations). Doing what you love. A great July weekend!

Many have died for our freedoms but their sacrifices remain and on this day (everyday, I pray) are remembered. In another country Riley would probably be institutionalized (not the American way, their way… our way is better if it comes to that (pray it won’t)). Blessed to have this freedom and blessed to have those who went before us to fight for this freedom.

I (We) take our freedoms for granted (so sorry). Sometimes they are obvious. As parents of a Special Needs child, they aren’t always clear to us and to others. Walking, talking and connecting are Freedoms that anyone reading this Blog can realize and those who have Special Needs friends/families appreciate more than most.

Our ability to appreciate such things is due to those who Serve(d) and those who made the ultimate sacrifice. But, as previously mentioned, Riley is having a good 4th and 4th of July weekend and we are appreciating it this weekend and appreciate all those who will read this and share this.

Freedom is Ringing here. I hope it Rings for you and yours.



The Shark Tooth Guy


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  1. I agree John, I think we”ve somehow lost touch with just how fortunate we are for the personal freedoms we have – even just the ability to freely write a blog and respond is a freedom not shared by the entire world. I am so very grateful for the sacrifices so many have made for our freedom, past and present. Thanks for the reminder.

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