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I got an award!

A Huge Thank You to Cinnamon over at Cinnamon’s Spicy Life!  Who kindly listed me among a very impressive list: Stacie, over at Riley’s Smile  because she’s an awesome Mom with SO much on her plate, and does such great things with the Special Needs community.”  You are an amazingly Kreativ Blogger and genuinely kind individual. I am honored to share your award. You may notice Cinnamon granted me the Kreativ Blogger Award in February.  I took my time posting responding to my award simply because my head was not quite there yet. I had just moved my blog to WordPress and one family illness after another slowed me down a bit.  The WordPress move is thanks to a new relationship with Avenue 5 Media .  Turns out blogging has brought amazing new relationships, friendships and opportunity into my life; because behind each one of these blogs and websites are incredible people. 

Let’s get to the rules thing first.

So, here are the rules:

1. Thank & link back to the person who gave you the award,

2. Answer the form questions below.

3. Share ten random facts / thoughts about yourself.

4. Nominate (at least) 7 other blogs for the Kreativ Blogger Award.


Now, for the form questions:

Favorite Song – Tough for me to answer as I grew up hearing my Mom’s talk radio on all the time.  She listens to it more than ever now and it makes me cringe after all these years.  When it comes to music Riley is the critic in the house. He has a very strong preference for Blues ever since he first came home from the hospital.  A personal favorite album of mine is “A Step Away” by The Flying Dog Bluegrass Band found here:  Be sure to listen to Never Got to Say Goodbye.

Favorite Desert – Chocolate Cheesecake

What Ticks Me Off? –  Tossed cigarette butts.

When I’m Upset – Stay out of the way – sorry.

Favorite Pet – Most of my early years were spent on a farm so this question is almost unfair considering all the animals I was fortunate to have share my life.  My fondest memories are the time John and I spent with the raccoons of the Wildlife Waystation.

Black or White – All I know is that wearing white around Riley is a bad idea.

Biggest Fear – Losing my regulator while diving.

Everyday Attitude – Just be as present as I can for my family and demonstrate my love for them as best I can.

What is Perfection – Unreality

My Guilty Pleasure – Chocolate

Here are the ten random facts about me.  Like I haven’t already bared my soul a time or two..LOL

1)  Blogging is a challenge.

2)  My high school was predominantly male and I liked it that way.

3)  I miss the farm and the cattle.

4)  As much as I love them, I desperately need a night without children.

5)  I would give anything for a perfect Cheremoya.

6)  Dusting the house is a perfectly miserable task.

7)  Time management is not one of my skills.

8)  My husband is an amazing cook.

9)  My brother, Joe, can do incredible things with Latin foods on the grill and I cannot get enough of anything he cooks.

10) My house is full of fossils and often smells like low-tide after The Shark Tooth Guy excursions.


And now I get to pass this award on to 7 other bloggers that I think are creative.  Randomly listed.

Catharsis is just what I need in my own life.  Laura has taken special needs parenting and bared it to the world while educating us all on pediatric stroke.

Jessica at Design Seeds doesn’t write anything but deserves creative recognition for continually putting out inspirational palette’s for everyone under the sun to use.  I refer to them myself.

Celia of Falling Off A High Heeled Life  has me actually wanting to drink tea.  As busy as she is in her own life, she is forever kind and supportive.

Jumping Waves, Jessica is another special needs mom sharing her journey beautifully.

I find inspiration in every post Pam shares at Radical Ramblings and Thoughts of a Southern Girl .  I consider Pam as part of my blogger support system, she has been empathetic and kind since I first ventured into this cyberworld.

These Broken Vases by Ellie Stumbo speaks to the special mom in me, expressing all those thoughts I could not voice myself.

Also with a gift for sharing the experience of special needs is Sue Mayer – Special Needs Mom.  Following her journey raises my own awareness of our precious charges.

Thank you Cinnamon.


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  1. pam says:

    thanks for the award and the mention….I’ve been out of sorts mentally as of late due to a medication switch for my depression—yep..we all got to deal with something…I gladly accept…just know it will take me a day or two to acknowledge…Pam

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