Information Management for the Tired Mommy

Medical appointments are a challenge in many regards.  For one reason, every appointment begins with the whole list of questions or forms.  Even when the office already has several folders worth of Riley’s information, I get to go over every event and medication again.  Unfortunately, I do not have instant recall of each medication, dates of surgeries over a lifetime or diagnostic procedures and scans last completed.

Over time I developed a form I continuously update simply to make my own life a little easier.  Generally, I still recite everything to the person quizzing me and they then dismiss it all without another thought.  However, after Riley’s first seizure event he was airlifted to a children’s hospital. I followed by car three hours after seeing Riley off.  The PICU doctor greeted me with a thank you for sending all the pertinent information.  My little cheat sheet had allowed the medical team to address Riley’s medical needs without waiting to quiz Mom who was speeding toward them deep in the night on unfamiliar roads.  This past week we met with the PA in the pediatric gastroenterology office; she also thanked me for having all the information she needed spelled out so easily.

If I may, I will share my form here for the taking if anyone cares to adjust it to their/your own needs.   I simply add to it as we go along.

contact form

I do hope this can be of help to someone out there.  Stacie

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