Ronan and I ventured out with friends to an evening of Improv at Center for the Arts of Bonita SpringsThis is an amazing organization developing the creativity of our local children and adults.

Just like Whose Line Is It Anyway, the audience submitted suggestions before the  show started.   Pulling “suggestions from a hat,” the theater coach called out “Angry Mom at Church!”  My son turns to me and asks: “You wrote that, didn’t you!”  No, I did not.

However, I do know how to act it out.  Just last week I encountered the 1st Communion Father who had offended my sense of right and wrong in the church parking lot.  I found myself sharing an elevator with him in my mom’s condo building.  He told a joke, I would share it if I had a memory for jokes.  Now, did you tell a joke because he recognized me and intended to distract me or did he tell a joke because he did not.

As we enjoyed the show, I thought to myself, “Oh, someone was thinking of me!”

This week Ronan participated in his own Improv for Life class this week.  We just arrived home from his first performance.  He plans on signing up again next summer.  He has had enforced all the behaviors that drive a parent crazy and has spoken mainly jibberish all week.


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  1. Sounds like a really fun story! I love drama too and I think it’s great for kids.

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