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The Holidays are always so amazing. The cooler air, decorations, events, mutual appreciation… I look forward to almost all of it. Gift giving, however, is a challenge. It is especially daunting when so very many individuals are responsible for the well-being of my special needs child.  There are PTs & OTs, Para’s, riding instructors and multiple volunteers, hospice nurses and social workers, respite aids, a bus driver and bus aid who are so very kind, school infirmary staff and even three teachers. Who am I forgetting? We will be meeting with our Wheelchair Seating Specialist, oh and our volunteer massage therapist who is more than generous of her time and resources. Add to this list eight individual teachers for my typical middle school student. I haven’t even counted all these people yet. I want to recognize each and every one of them.  Unfortunately, gifting a unique and specially selected gift for all is not only exhausting, it is financially prohibitive.

The day is coming up next week when I must have a solution.

Searching around I have some idea’s to share. I trust you may find an idea which suits you here.

  • Do you or someone you know have a store where you can place a large order for a minimal amount? For example, I myself am an Arbonne Independent Consultant and have picked up many small hand creams at a time.  My sister runs a store in New Hampshire, through her I have boxes of beautiful LED Flameless Candles. A few years back I purchased wholesale gourmet dip sets. When you can shop through an individual at wholesale your money may go much farther.
  • $5 gift cards to the closes donut or coffee shop. Even at $5 this may add up quickly and you wonder if the cards go to waste.
  • Home baked cookies festively wrapped with a thoughtful card noting my son is sharing his favorite thing. Food!
  • Shopping Club sweets on sale.
  • A Charitable donation in their name to an organization important to our son. For us this could be Give Kids the World, Make A Wish, Hope Hospice, Naples Equestrian Challenge, our schools, Freedom Waters Foundation, Whispering Pines Clydesdales. Another organizations I deeply respect is Maya’s Hope.
  • Purchase glass ornaments at the craft store and have your child decorate each, noting their name and year.\
  • Jamie Oliver has wonderful edible gift ideas here
  • Therapists play on the floor, removing their shoes. At the dollar store purchase an oversized bag of fun socks and divide them as needed.
  • Homemade potpourri in Holiday scents.
  • A Redbox movie code.
  • Mini hand sanitizer is an idea if you are for antibacterials. Bath salts, soaps, special holiday herbs & Spices.
  • A daily lottery ticket.
  • A mug with your own favorite tea or cocoa.
  • Search wholesale items. Oriental Trading employs special needs workers if I am not mistaken. They carry many fun items for a great price.
  • Show up at school and bring your own party to celebrate everyone. You don’t need a lot. Pick up subs, a cake and Egg Nog to divide from the grocery store along with a festive centerpiece. Many of our children are in classrooms which will accommodate a little celebration.
  • Sometimes our children have special interests. One of my boys enjoys the birds who visit our feeder.  Share birdseed in hopes that they also have wild and beautiful visitors.  Or take it another step and make a donation to The Audubon Society.
  • For those you need something truly special do take a moment and look into their individual needs.  Is your Gifted a fisherwoman?  Does she or he have special skincare, aroma therapy or setting up a new apartment needs you may help resolve with your own business. Our Personal Care Assistant loves to cook and has never used a slow cooker – we are about to resolve this.

This year we are likely to bake my husbands specialty Christmas Cookie, Keflie and possibly add a bag of The Shark Tooth Guy shark teeth. There are a few days left to decide. To any of your gifts, personalize with a unique poem. When we choose candles we note that we are giving this as a testament to the light they provide in our own life. When possible hand gifts over personally, the moment will be remembered. You want each to know he or she is important to you and your child. It also helps lessen the risk of lifted gifts from unsupervised desks – yes, that happened one year. Please do add your own suggestions here?  This little gift goes a long way in recognizing those who make a difference in the life or our child and family.
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