I refer to Valentines Day as “VD”… “Happy VD”  … I wish you a wonderful VD…   Don’t forget about VD…This time of year has not proven to be my best time of the year… Let’s see… Dad killed himself somewhere around this time (struggles with depression and all).  High school dance date dumped on that day (dated her 7 months) and she lost her V (not to me) on that day.  Then… changes in life that make this time of year particularly hard for those who have Special Needs.Happy to report my VD is MUCH better this year…. Well at least the day after VD… Special shout out to Hope Hospice.  Last minute request for 2/15 (VD +1) came through and we had a wonderful nurse.  Gave us a day of:  Day of Fishing with our youngest (picture).   A whole hour at Starbucks with my wife (I honestly tried to figure out the last time we had coffee outside of our house together…. 5 years by my count… I even had a gift certificate! (that God it didn’t expire!)).  A day together/normal (hate that N-word!).  But the bottom line is it felt good.  Really good.

I don’t know what VD is like for others (just to recap… Valentines Day) for Special Needs/Non-typically developing/give me a break with PC (just to recap… Politically Correct (hate that more)) families.  But I realized something.

There is a ton of pressure on Feb. 14th.  Too much.  I was actually happy my wife found her card Friday (14th) on her breakfast place and looked at me and said “today isn’t Valentines Day” (ah, yes it is dear).  Was “frustrated” at first but then thought… given all we have been through, it is amazing we remember each others names (although that could spice it up, but that is another post!)…

If you are reading this post for guidance… my first response is GOD HELP YOU!… My second response is this… Special needs kids/adults change EVERY day.  When it comes to VD (again Valentines Day … Keep up!)…  It will not be normal (PC hate word) ever again.  To be honest, it is hard to celebrate a love that has brought so many trials at times.  But the bottom line is, where it is Valentines Day (I will give in on this sentence) or not, there will be days.  Maybe not that “Magical” (aka commercialized) day.  But you will have days.  May not expect them, but appreciate them because they will help you go forward into the days ahead.


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