Halloween Tie Fighter

Riley’s Halloween costume was a great success!

Halloween 2014 334

Riley’s True Halloween costume can’t make it to school… every year, they are a bit too big to fit on bus. But decked out his chair for school. No notice that he is allowed to “dress up” but he is the rule breaker. I mean let’s face it he has never worn underwear!!! That’s my Boy!

Last Friday Riley participated in the school Story Book Parade. The classmates were to all be a box of crayons but John sent Riley off breaking character by sitting on a skeleton with lit ghosts and spiders. Riley earned himself quite a bit of clapping and yelling with his unusual wheelchair.

A great part of the week went into planning the Trick Or Treat Costume.

By Friday evening we joined friends in Indigo Lakes, Naples where Trick Or Treating is a true event.  October 31, Halloween 2014As the evening wore on Riley had been admired every 2 minutes as a variety of people repeatedly called through the spooky street, “AWESOME… BRILLIANT… GENIUS…” Each time Daddy obliged by spinning Riley to be viewed from each angle.  Even the police patrol found a moment to stop and praise our little Tie Fighter. Teenage girls requested group photo’s together with Riley.  It was fun for all of us to have an occasion when Riley is admired and his attention sought.  If our friends allow us… Indigo Lakes Halloween will be a favorite “haunt.”

Halloween 2014 362

Embrace The Dark Side!!!!

Returning home I intended to store the very awkward costume away… Last year the Shark Cage had been simply too well store and had to torn apart.  This one will suffer the same fate.  As Dad says, Riley deserves a new and great costume each and every year.  He’s not sharing his thoughts for next year.  I can’t wait to see it!

Please share your wheelchair costumes with us?  I have a perfect Pinterest Board to show it off.







Riley’s Smile

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  1. God bless Riley’s smile. 🙂

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