Grandparents Day

It came upon us suddenly, but unlike many things in our lives (with disabled), this was not bad:  Grandparents Day.   My wife and I both lost our grandparents earlier than we would have liked.  Unlike myself, my sons will not know their Great-Grand-Parents or even their Grandfathers.  However, both our sons are Blessed in Many Ways by their Grandmothers.

Having a disabled child is hard.  People often focus on the parents as they are the ones to deal with the child (or disabled adult) on a daily basis.  However, I often think about what it would be like to be a grandmother.  There are expectations of playing with them in a “typical manner”… or at least hearing them say your name (“Kappi” or “ReRe” in our cases).

Having a disabled grandchild is not what you would expect.  Not to speak for our circumstance, but IF I WERE A DISABLED GRANDPARENT… I guess I would not always know what to say to help my child and grandchild.  Physically, I might not be able to hold my grandchild (due to mood or physical constraints).  It does not mean that we are not able to be AMAZING grandparents.


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  1. rita a. buck says:

    We want to be and are enabled grandparents…when we can sing, by chance you may smile. When we can read to you, by chance you will like the sound of our voice. When we can feed you blueberries or any other of your favorite foods, because we can’t bake cookies together. When we can stay home alone together so we can act goofy for you, so no one will see us laugh (or a grandmother acting goofy).

    We are not disabled grandmothers, we are only one step closer to heaven when we are with you. Because you are amazing and we only want to be asked, because we have so much we want to give and don’t always know what you need…we want to be “special” too;)special to U!

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