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Not a self-promoting post… I network market products and companies that I truly believe in.   This month I decided detox, an Arbonne program… a great program… which is working for me. Yay! But seriously:   Ever try to go to Mother’s Day Brunch with an amazing chef and a pastry chef who has been rewarded so many awards and accolades? (have you ever seen two elderly women go after the last hand crafted, chocolate peanut brittle, covered in a white powder so innocent it will remind you of your childhood, yet with a hint of citrus that makes you feel happily guilt free because there is citrus in there… health food… ? Yeah, even I try to fool myself sometimes). But the experience was there and was proud of doing the detox over Mother’s Day.   Still… What is it about food?…

Experimenting with the smoker: beef and chicken.

I am reminded of Riley’s “plight” when it comes to food. Allergens are the first thing that come to mind. You can focus on the negative, but honestly, why? There are so many foods. While I believe we are good parents, food is primary for Riley. Food nourishes Riley, yes, a basic need no matter how “limited” your world… we all still need food. Beyond being “basic,” food is an event…. In our family, I guess these are the rules of food according to Riley:

  • Too much of the same old fair and I will rebel: If you eat too much of the same thing (even rice!, yes he was even allergic to rice at a point) can be a problem. And yes too much of anything is just too much according to Riley.
  • Think outside of the box: Yes, my Riley’s dad has a blender and an imagination.   Well, a few Margaritas for him, but if you blend his homemade dressing, avocado, mayonnaise, turkey, salad and sunflower seeds with a touch of pepper. (s,o it may have all been on sale, but still, rocks!)
  • Spice works: Not much of a comment on this one… Europeans have been giving their children things that would have shocked the mothers of the 50’s. However, science has shown that exposing children to different herbs and spices at an early age help prevent allergies and, well, maybe not scientifically proven: Kids are just awesome eating different foods. The expression on Riley’s face when eating something new is an expression of : What the Hell Did You Just Stick in my Mouth (who hasn’t been there right!) and Hmmm. Just maybe.
  • Perhaps the most important thing about Food and Riley: We try new things on Riley. If there were a show called “Master Trying” (Rather than Master Chef… our entire family’s favorite show), we would do well.) Food brings enjoyment. Where are we without that delight?

Delnor-Wiggins Beach 4-18-15Life is about trying. As it pertains to this post… we try to bring new and exciting things to Riley via the palate. Food helps us live. But, it is an experience to be experienced… Think of your best childhood memories… whether the food sucked or was amazing, family was around. Food brought us together.


Riley will never run so fast that he can experience the wind in his hair (But I can put down the sun roof and hold him up), He will never ride the bike so fast that he is scared (But we can put on Rollerblades and have him laugh hysterically as we go over 15 miles an hour around the bend and the neighbors are calling child protective services (oh and Rollerblading is not considered “Normal Wear and Tear” on a wheelchair). OK A BIT OF A TANGENT:

keftaFood has history (John could not cook when we first met), food has purpose (nourishment, yes… but memories with family), Food for those like Riley take on a whole new experience: Something new, something exciting, something perhaps you never thought possible… but here is where I want to leave you today:


Something new

Something never thought possible

Something exciting


Whether you are disabled or not… isn’t this something we all want?   And isn’t this something food experiences can give? If you are willing to share.


One last point: We have meals together every night. As a family, how can you not? Things get so hectic, it is the one chance/moment. Experience it… Over food.


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Riley’s Smile

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  1. Lux Ganzon says:

    I’ve never been to those kinds of events but it would be good to be in one.

    And having a meal as a family I think is really important for every member and not just the kids.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you still!

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