Fundraiser Mommy

I am in fundraiser mode at the moment.  Chico’s has been ever so generous by allowing me to hold separate fundraisers for the organizations in our life.  On a designated date, shoppers are permitted into The Company Store and 10% of the funds are donated to the charity of the day.  I have been blessed by this opportunity and am doing my best to bring in shoppers to take advantage of our gift.

Last Friday benefited the Functional Skills Classroom of Rayma C. Page Elementary.  Riley’s teacher intends the funds be used toward an accessible swing for the children to enjoy.  Our fundraiser went so well that it may be possible to purchase a double swing.  Our little shopping day will bring so much joy to our children who were previously unable to use any of the school equipment.

This Friday, my last opportunity is planned to benefit Bonita Springs Preparatory and Fitness Academy.  So far, my list is a little light but I’m hoping it will pick up once I get over to the school and gather up today’s forms.  My plan at the moment is to start a fund for the children who are unable to purchase school and PE uniforms without a little help.  We’ve all been there – well, lots of us anyway.  It would be unfortunate to have a simple clothing issue hold back their activities and their minds.

Wish me luck.  Stacie

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