Functional Skills Thanksgiving

Riley and his class invited their families to share a Thanksgiving feast.  This is a yearly celebration hosted by Rayma C. Page Elementary when families share the lunch hour with their children’s classes while feasting on a traditional meal by the cafeteria.   Parents filled the school; they lined up alongside just like their children at reception, outside schoolrooms, and the lunch line.  It is wonderful to see how this yearly celebration has helped the school become a beloved community.

My mother accompanied me.  It is a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time in my son’s school environment.   The Functional Skills class is blessed with a large comfortable class, private restroom, a spacious private lunchroom/kitchen, and most especially a bright and energetic teacher  with three loving helping teachers.  This class is ideal for Riley and we could not be more fortunate.

I met the new paramedic, Dan, watching over Riley.  Seeing Miss Jennifer move on from the nurses office to bigger and better was certainly bittersweet.   She was forever patient, kind and understanding of our challenges.  Having met Dan; I now feel much more comfortable with the changes.

Miss Pauline fed Riley during our visit as he greedily yelled for more pot pie and pumpkin.  She observed that Riley’s diet of ground foods actually has a greater variety than her own.  This is yet another great thing about Riley’s teachers; they comprehend the effort and creativity required to give Riley a satisfying, nutritious and interesting meals.  There has been a teacher and assistant in the past who strongly disapproved of Riley’s meals and complained bitterly about feeding him our offerings.  Another blessing in this school.  Below, I am sharing one of Riley’s recent dishes that even ground, prompted a recipe request from his teacher.

We do miss Mrs. K, Riley’s teacher for the past two years.  She has moved on to the second grade.  Mom and I were fortunate to run into her in the halls.  Mrs. K brought us out to the playground to see the newly installed special needs swing.  It is perfect!  All of our efforts, both Mrs. K and I, bringing shoppers into the Chico’s fundraiser last spring were worth every moment.  How funny we both opted to wear our Chico’s finds yesterday.  Without the event our children would still have no play equipment of their own.

Dear Reader: Please share with us the blessings in your special needs child’s life?  I would love to hear!

Roasted Potatoes with Rosemary:

I grow fresh rosemary… and stopped measuring a while ago – but I might be able to guess amounts.


One bag of small mixed potatoes including purple, fingerlings, reds, etc.
Olive oil – enough to cover
salt & pepper – plenty
lots of fresh rosemary chopped finely
one head garlic – break apart but do not remove skins – they cook perfectly and pop out easily to eat

mix all together and spread out on a jelly roll pan or glass dish.  bake @ 350 for perhaps 45 minutes – you’ll have to test them

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  1. rita a. buck says:

    The blessings in my special needs child’s life are his wonderful family, Mom, Dad, Ronan and his Grandma Kathy who takes part in Riley’s life’s special events and daily care.


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